This category lists maritime museums in the civilian sector (small boats, sailing boats, sailing ships, commercial ships/shipping, light-ships, tugs) located in Europe.

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Aegean Maritime Museum
Features exhibits, a library, and ancient marble gravestones. Located on the island of Mykonos.
The Estonian State Maritime Museum
Exhibits the general history of shipping and fishing. Located in Tallinn.
Eyrarbakki Maritime Museum
Displays a collection of artifacts connected with fisheries, crafts, and the social and cultural life of a small Icelandic fishing village. Provides hours and location. Located in Iceland.
Hellenic Maritime Museum
Present the history, exhibit details, and library. Located in Piraeus, Greece.
Kon-Tiki Museum
Private museum which exhibits vessels from Thor Heyerdahl's expeditions. Located in Oslo, Norway.
Maritime Museum Amsterdam
Allows access to the Digital Maritime Database, in which the catalogues of the two largest maritime museums of the Netherlands are combined.
Maritime Museum of Crete
Located in Crete of Greece to shelter, protect and exhibit Greek naval traditions. Includes pictures, hours and location.
Museum of Navigation
Floating exhibit featuring Ric's Art Boat on the waterfront of Brussels harbor, moored at the Quai des Péniches. [French and English].
Museum of the Roman Ships: The Port of Claudius
The port of Claudius. Displays found shipwrecks and artifacts from the silted-up Claudian harbor's basin.
National Maritime Museum
French national museum presents models of old wailing warships, some sunken and investigated. Includes virtual tours and image galleries.
National Maritime Museum of Ireland
Museum hours and overview, lecture schedule, and newsletter. Located in County Dublin.
Norwegian Maritime Museum
Situated at Bygdøynes on Oslo's waterfront, with rich collections related to all aspects of seafaring.
Polish Maritime Museum
Documenting and popularizing Poland's maritime traditions as well as the evolution of her present-day maritime policies, economics, technology and culture.
Rotterdam Maritime Museum
Moored alongside is the museum ship Buffel. Includes exhibitions, visitor information and services, library, and restaurant.
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