Features sites for museums that present exhibits, interactive experiences, and educational opportunities related to natural history (animals, plants, geology, paleontology) located in Europe.

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Amber Museum and Gallery
Museum of Baltic amber featuring exhibits of jewelry and art. Located in Nida, Lithuania. [English and Lithuanian]
Cyprus Museum of Natural History
Museum collection includes the flora, fauna and geology of Cyprus with over 2500 exhibits.
Finnish Museum of Natural History
An independent research institution functioning under the University of Helsinki. Collections include botanical, zoological, geological and paleontological specimens from all over the world. Exhibitions, research and collections, publications, and contact information.
Museum für Naturkunde
Features collections of skeletons and fossils of dinosaurs, including a Brachiosaurus and an Archaeopteryx, primates, ungulates, native birds and mammals, minerals and meteorites. Includes calendar, admission fees, hours and directions. [German and English]
National Museum of Natural History
Founded in 1820, the museum's collection spans almost two centuries and includes animal specimens, stones, minerals and fossils. Located in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Natural History Museum
Features botanical, geographical, geological, mineralogical and zoological collections. Includes hours, library, pedagogic and lending services, and directions. Located in Fribourg, Switzerland. [French, Italian, German and English].
Natural History Museum of Latvia
Oldest multidisciplinary museum of natural sciences in the Baltic. Includes photo archives and directions. Located in Riga. [Latvian and English].
Natural History Museum of Maastricht
Includes collections in the geology, palaeontology and flora and fauna of southern Limburg and contiguous areas. Located in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Natural History Museum of Vienna
Includes large photo gallery of exhibits.
State Darwin Museum
Exhibits on zoogeography, development of scientific thought, evolution of species, Darwin history and biodiversity. Offers collection details, educational activities and a history of the facility. Located in Moscow, Russia.
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Situated in Stockholm, the museum offers public exhibitions, a research department covering biological and geological sciences, collections, and an Omnimax theater and planetarium.
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