Features sites for museums that present exhibits, interactive experiences, and educational opportunities related to biology.

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The Academy of Natural Sciences
Philadelphia, world's leader in freshwater science research and biodiversity research, museum hosts dinosaurs, fossils, live butterflies, dioramas, offers environmental science education to adults and students, library and archives.
California Academy of Sciences
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Includes Natural History Museum, Morrison Planetarium and Steinhart Aquarium all in one location. Natural History Museum is one of the world's top 10 systematic biology institutes with major research collections.
Ecomuseum Zoo
Information and events on this educational wildlife park located on the Island of Montréal. Also available in French.
Essig Museum of Entomology
The collection component of the California Insect Survey, with approx. 4.5 million specimens. Berkeley campus University of California.
Frost Entomological Museum
Insect collection contains over 500,000 specimens for 10,000 different species. Includes microscopic slide collection available to researchers. Part of Pennsylvania State University Department of Entomology. Limited Web presence.
Icelandic Phallological Museum
Located in Húsavik, Iceland. Contains a collection of penises and penile parts, representing all the types of mammal found in the country.
Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden
Part of The Finnish Museum of Natural History, its world-wide collecting activities add more than 22,000 specimens per year (vascular plants, cryptogams and fungi). Includes floristic database of Finland and some adjacent territories.
Kulturama - Museum of Mankind
Provides overview of 600 million years of evolution of animals and humans, human biology and various aspects of the human history of civilization. Includes hours of operation, guided tours, courses, workshops and lectures. Located in Zurich. [German and English].
Museo Entomológico Mariposas del Mundo: Museum Butterflies of the World
Information about the Museum and its collections of butterflies, beetles and exotic arthropods from around the world, butterfly conservation. Advertises the book - Mariposas Argentinas, events, and Museum associates.
Museu da Vida - Museum of Life
This museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, includes a science train, permanent exhibition on the theme of biodiversity, theater and science park.
Museum of Comparative Zoology
Part of the Harvard University Museum of Natural History complex which collects and exhibits the "variety and comparative relationships of animal life."
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley
Houses over 640,000 specimens of amphibians, reptiles, birds, bird eggs or nests, and mammals, as well as over 50,000 tissue samples from these vertebrate groups. Access is granted to research scientists, graduate students, and other visitors with a scientific interest by appointment only.
Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas, Lawrence. Holds major research and teaching collections in most areas of biology. Includes a division of Informatics with skills in numerical taxonomy and collections management software. Some public exhibits.
The Newfoundland Insectarium
Located at Reidville, Newfoundland, Canada. Exhibits and collects unusual and rare insect varieties from around the world, including many living specimens in terrariums and aquariums.
University of Alberta Museum of Zoology
Collections includes vertebrate specimens from around the world and faunal surveys. Focus on Alberta. Primarily research and teaching collection. Located in Edmonton.
University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
Museum collections and web resources related to biodiversity, insects, fishes, mollusks, mammals, birds, and reptiles/amphibians. Major research and training museum.

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