This category is for museums primarily focused on musical instruments of any kind.

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The Band Museum
Pine Bluff, Arkansas: includes pictures of vintage and antique band instruments.
Cobbe Collection, The
Surrey, England: Collection of historic keyboard instruments with composer connections. Recital programme.
The Collections of Musical Instruments
The Cremonese, Wilkins, Miller, and Thai collections of the Library of Congress. Located in Washington,DC.
Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
A museum in Scotland open to the public. Contains 1000 items including stringed, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments from Britain, Europe, and distant lands.
Empire State Theatre and Musical Instrument Museum
Syracuse, New York; features a working Wurlitzer theater organ: includes location and membership information.
Finchcocks Living Museum of Music
Kent, UK: Keyboard instruments from 18th and 19th centuries, chamber organs, harpsichords, virginals, spinets and clavichords.
Mandolin Melodies Museum
Nagoya, Japan; exhibits instruments and recordings from around the world.
Museum of Musical Instruments
Museum established in the early 1900s, largely destroyed in World War II, and rebuilt since then to provide an accurate perspective of the development of musical instruments in Europe from Renaissance up until the present day. Images and sound files of select pieces are available on site.
Music House Museum
(Acme, MI: near Traverse City) preserves and restores mechanical musical instruments.
Musical Instrument Museum
Displays thousands of instruments from around the world. Also provides concerts and education programs. Located in Phoenix, Arizona.
The Musical Museum
London, England: Describes it collection of automatic mechanical musical instruments; activities; volunteer opportunities; and links.
Musikhistorisk Museum
The Museum of Musical Instruments in Copenhagen. Information in English and Danish.
National Music Museum
At the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, this collection includes instruments from virtually all cultures and historical periods.
Orpheon Foundation
Offers traveling exhibits, concerts, and music courses based around a collection of baroque-era musical instruments: includes calendar of events.
Ringve Museum
National museum (Norway) for music and musical instruments with collections from all over the world. Located at Ringve Manor in Trondheim.
Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments
Musical instruments from around the world including over 140 artifacts from the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Stiftelsen Musikkulturens Främjande - The Nydahl Collection
Located in Stockholm, Sweden. Houses manuscripts, scores, letters and other music-related material; and approximately 550 old instruments, of which 75 are keyboards, dating from the 16th century up to the 1940's.
Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum
Describes ukulele history: includes events, artists, membership information, and online shop.
Whittaker's Musical Museum
(Waiheke Island, New Zealand) Displays and demonstrates instruments from the last 400 years.
World Of Accordions Museum
Featuring about 1000 instruments, artifacts, a gift shop, and a library. Includes events, publications, memberships, and volunteer opportunities. Located in Superior, Wisconsin, United States.
Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments
Holdings comprised of instruments, accessories and related items, the majority of which document the Western European and American art music tradition.

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