Reference Libraries Subject Specific Science Physical and Chemical Sciences
The physical and chemical sciences include physics, biophysics, chemical physics, chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and so on. Applied physics and chemistry may fall in both this category and engineering.
Columbia University Chemistry Library
Links to online resources for finding patents, spectra, physical properties, general chemical reference, history of chemistry, and miscellaneous information.
Dartmouth College Kresge Physical Sciences Library
"Math/CS on the Net" and "Science on the Net" index various sources of science information by specialty.
Princeton University Chemistry Library
General library information and links to chemistry and laboratory safety resources on the Internet.
Princeton University Plasma Physics Library
Hours, catalog, plasma physics literature, internet resources, database resources.
Royal Society of Chemistry Library and Information Centre
Chemical sciences research library holding print and electronic resources. Available to businesses and researchers around the world via the RSC Virtual Library.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Library
News, databases, and e-prints related to high energy physics.
Stanford University Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
Guides to using the library, finding chemical information, and using electronic resources, with links to highlighted resources, including chemical news and guides. Library also hosts the web sites for the Sci-Tech Library News and the ACS Division of Chemical Information Education Committee.
Terman Engineering Library
Finding aids for resources in physics and astronomy by topic and by format, and information about the library and its services.
UC Berkeley Chemistry Library
General library information, electronic resources (including access to the California Digital Library), and links to resources for patents, physical properties, safety, and general chemical information.
UIUC Chemistry Library
Online resources include links to journals, databases, and other Web tools, overviews of the collections, statistics, and tutorials and other help materials for searching chemical literature.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Physics and Astronomy Library
Library information, policies, and news, as well as an list of physics and astronomy resources on the Internet.
University of Melbourne Chemistry Library
General information about the library, available services, collections and links to selected Internet research sites.
University of Wisconsin - Madison Chemistry Library
Information about library policies and services, and lists of chemical resources on the web and in the electronic library.
Washington University Chemistry Library
Electronic resources for chemistry, including how to find people, publications, and other information on the web.
Washington University Gustavus A. Pfeiffer Physics Library
Subject guide for physics and astronomy indexes web resources including preprints, web sites, organizations, funding and job resources, news, safety, and humor.
Wichita State University McKinley Chemistry Library
Information about the library and web resources for chemistry and other sciences.
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