Sites discussing the status, image, and portrayal of librarians.

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A Brief History of Librarians and Image
Not that brief. Includes essay with many citations and hyperlinks.
Image and the Librarian
Exploration into the stereotypes surrounding the image and status of librarians and the library profession.
Image of Libraries in Popular Culture
Site exploring images of libraries and librarians in film and literature.
The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies
Article from The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship about Hollywood's treatment of librarians.
Librarians and Tigers
Story by Paul Ford about the portrayal of librarians.
Librarians As Characters In Fiction
List of references, by Laura Cobrinik.
Librarians in the Movies: An Annotated Filmography
Maintained by Martin Raish of the David O. McKay Library, Brigham Young University. Films are grouped by degree of connection to libraries or librarians.
Librarians in Comics
List of sources compiled by Steven M. Bergson.
Libraries in Science Fiction
Essay exploring the role of libraries in science fiction.
Library Cartoons
An annotated bibliography of cartoons dealing with aspects of librarianship.
The Naked Librarian
Features pictures and links to female librarians who are not entirely clothed.
Stereotypes of Librarians
Discussion questions about the "bun lady" and related images.
Why are Librarians So Sexy?
Professor David Austin explains quotes from various sources.
You Don't Look Like a Librarian!
Results of a survey examining how closely librarians really resemble the stereotypical librarian.
An Interview with Jessamyn West
A short assortment of questions about librarianship and hot topics related to it. [Bookslut] (December 09, 2003)
By the Book? Not Today's Information-Savvy Librarians
Report on professional librarian duties and salaries. [The Toronto Sun] (January 29, 2003)
Librarians Trade 'Shhh' for 'Va-Va-Voom'
News of a pinup calendar featuring New Jersey librarians. [NY Times] (January 01, 2003)
Libraries Are 31337
Commentary and discussion on a technology news website about the technical prowess of libraries. [Slashdot] (October 20, 2002)
Fighting Librarians
Column on librarians, who are "relentless when it comes to ensuring that as much information as possible gets into people's hands." (June 20, 2002)
Web Overturning Image of Book-filing Librarian
Demand for the highly trained information specialists. [Washington Business Journal] (April 03, 2000)
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