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Beyond the Job
Professional tips for librarians: articles, job-hunting advice, professional development opportunities, and other news and ideas on how to further one's library career.
Web-based work opportunities for information specialists, researchers and writers.
From Baby Librarian to Tenured Faculty: Strategizing for Success
Article discusses approaches new librarians can take to help get tenure in higher education.
Employment information for librarians from the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Library Juice 3:11 - Job Search Supplement
Contains help for job-seeking librarians, including compilations of annotated links and professional advice.
Career development resources for new librarians, information professionals, students, and those considering a library career - Grow the Profession: Marketing the Librarian
Article by Steven M. Cohen discusses numerous ways for librarians to market themselves, online and offline, and gives examples. -- The Librarian & Information Professional's Career Development Center
Provides a bibliography of web and print resources to help librarians on the job hunt.
Networked Librarian - Job Search Guide
A directory of employment pages listing employment opportunities for librarians.
TLA Presentation: Finding the Right People: What Do Prospective Employees Really Value
Addresses responses to a survey of library school students regarding job hunting, job conditions, and recruiters. (January 01, 2004)
ISTL: The Top Ten Things a New Sci/Tech Librarian Should Know: Developing Core Competencies
Summary of what was said at an ALA annual meeting discussion group. Includes suggestions for those trying to be hired and those doing hiring. (June 22, 2003)
The Info Pro's Survival Guide to Job Hunting
Instructions on beginning a job search, with several links. [Searcher] (July 01, 2002)
Rediff Guide to the Net - Features: Making Money Online
Article which briefly discusses legitimate online researcher opportunities. (July 01, 2002)
Where Have All the Librarians Gone? - 2001 TLA Presentation
Summarizes responses by MLS/MIS graduates to a survey about careers as librarians. (January 01, 2001)
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