This category is for sites detailing the digitization of traditional library resources, such as books and journals and extends to images, cd-rom, microfilm and audio-visual materials. Coverage includes digital collection management and techniques pertaining to library digitization.

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Annotated Bibliography of Digital Library Related Sources
List of references originally compiled by Steven Ketchpel at Stanford University, forms part of a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science.
Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
BASE provides integrated access to distributed collections of various type and format (digitised collections, institutional repositories, pre-print-servers, electronic journals etc.) by applying search engine technology in the context of scholarly search- and retrieval services.
British Columbia Digital Library
Guide to full-text collections and resources, including software tools and standards by the British Columbia Community Networks Association; also dedicated to the digitization and storage of local publications.
Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries
An alliance of Canadian libraries and organizations to promote, coordinate and facilitate the development of collections and services. Contains general information with links to members' projects and further resources; also available in French.
D L Consulting
DLC is a supplier of commercial consulting, project management, customization, support, maintenance and hosting services for the Greenstone digital library software suite.
Mailing list to support the eVALUEd project and enable discussion of issues concerning the evaluation of electronic library initiatives.
DigiCULT Forum
Digital Culture (DigiCULT) is a 30-month European funded project to monitor and assess existing and emerging technologies to benefit the cultural heritage sector between March 2002 and August 2004. Includes reports, current awareness, events and links to further resources.
Digital collections and programs: Library functions
Building digital collections at the Library of Congress.
Digital Curation Centre (DDC)
A UK-based centre to support expertise and practice in data curation and digital preservation across communities of practice.
Digital Himalaya
A pilot project to develop digital collection, storage, and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himalayan region.
Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects
Collection of links provided by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).
Digital Library Federation
Developing the means of creating, maintaining, expanding, and preserving a distributed collection of digital materials.
Digital Preservation Coalition
Aims to secure the preservation of digital resources in the UK. Includes background information on the coalition, their program of work, details of their administration, how interested parties can participate, and the full-text of the Preservation of Digital Materials handbook.
DIGLIB Mailing List
For digital library researchers, developers and librarians, hosted by the IFLA.
DLib Forum and DLib Magazine
The forum hosts a working group on metrics, a test suite for online research and list of further references. The web magazine is published monthly and covers news, innovation and research.
DSpace: Durable Digital Depository
A joint project between MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard to provide stable long-term storage for the intellectual output of MIT faculty and researchers using open-source software. Mission, policy, technology description and download, implementations, news and staff information.
Project based at the Birmingham City University (formerly University of Central England) to develop a transferable evaluation model for e-library developments, which began in December 2001 and completed in May 2004. There is a link to the evaluation toolkit from the homepage.
Informedia-II Digital Video Library
Research at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science to achieve machine understanding of video and film media, including all aspects of search, retrieval, visualization and summarization.
KCL Digital Consultancy Service (KDCS)
Established at King's College London in September 2003, KDCS carries out research and provides fee-based consultancy services in the area of digitisation and digital resource management. Includes project examples, consultancy information and research publications.
King's Digital Consultancy Services
Provides expertise and consultants for the creation and management of digital resources to museums, libraries and cultural organisations in the UK.
LOCKSS Permanent Publishing on the Web
Allows individual libraries to safeguard their community's access to Web content. Project funded by Stanford University, The National Science Foundation, and Sun Microsystems.
Minnesota Digital Library Project
An initiative to assist archives, historical societies, and libraries digitize and provide coordinated access to valuable information resources reflecting the cultural heritage of Minnesota.
National Digital Library Program
Program information and resources for the Library of Congress digitization programs.
NINCH Guide to Good Practice
guidance in the digital representation and management of cultural heritage materials by the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII), University of Glasgow, and the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage.
Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC)
Information Sciences and Technologies Laboratory. Project areas include Human-Document Interaction (HDI), Natural Language Theory and Technology (NLTT), Quantitative Content Analysis, Sparrow Web, Statistical Pattern and Image Analysis, and User Interface Research. Includes internship and employment information as well as full project information and activities.
Parity Computing
Communications company based in San Diego, focused on digital library technologies including complete turn-key solutions and customized services. Main clients include IEEE, Springer-Verlag, and ACM.
Personal Archives Accessible in Digital Media (Paradigm)
A JISC-funded project of the Universities of Oxford and Manchester to produce an online workbook on Digital Private Papers of use to libraries and archives in preserving digital research materials.
Preserving Access to Digital Information (PADI)
Hosted by the National Library of Australia and directed by an international advisory group, PADI provides access to a wide range of digital preservation resources.
Russian Digital Libraries Journal
Electronic journal containing information on research and use of digital libraries.
Rutgers Distributed Laboratory for Digital Libraries
Interdisciplinary environment designed to address research and educational issues relevant to development, understanding and implementation.
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography (SEPB)
Section 6.2 of the list of references by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. based at the University of Houston Libraries.
Stanford Digital Library Technologies Project
Documents and information on the design and implementation of the infrastructure and services needed for collaboratively creating, disseminating, sharing and managing information.
Tilburg Innovation Centre for Electronic Resources (Ticer BV)
Centre based at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, whose primary activities include consultancy and organising an annual international summer school, and other courses and seminars.
Touch and Turn
A Swedish company based in Stockholm that delivers software solutions for virtual browsing with touch screen technology, publishes rare books and develops Internet based services for mediation.
UKOLN Metadata Group - Selection Criteria for Quality Controlled Information Gateways
Report describes methods and tools created to assist the staff of subject gateways to develop and maintain their quality control systems.
Washington State Library Digital Best Practices
A guide to major decision points in planning a digital project, ranging from administrative factors to technology concerns to financial management.
Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group
Used to communicate research and education updates from the Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group at Old Dominion University.
Use and Users of Electronic Library Resources: An Overview and Analysis of Recent Research Studies.
The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) publication No 120 provides a summary and analysis of more than 200 recent research publications that focus on the use of electronic library resources, published between 1995 and 2003. (August 01, 2003)
The development of digital libraries for blind and visually impaired people, Ariadne Issue 30
Report on a selection of papers presented in Washington at the 2001 IFLA pre-conference for the Section of Libraries for the Blind (SLB). (December 20, 2001)
Building Sustainable Collections of Free Third-Party Web Resources
A report by Louis A. Pitschmann that identifies and synthesizes existing practices used in developing collections of free third-party Internet resources that support higher education and research. (June 01, 2001)
Realizing the Hybrid Library
Paper discusses the hybrid library model of information provision, outlining a number of eLib funded projects and covering key technological and managerial issues. (October 01, 1998)
NSF/DARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative
Describes the Digital Libraries Initiative and focuses on how management can implement it. (July 01, 1998)
Modeling Users' Successive Searches in Digital Environments: A National Science Foundation/British Library Funded Study
Research project to investigate the nature, manifestations, and behavior of successive users in digital environments, and to derive criteria for use in the design of information retrieval interfaces and systems supporting successive searching behavior. (April 01, 1998)
Beyond the Beginning: The Global Digital Library
Proceedings of the international conference organised by UKOLN, held 16th and 17th June 1997, London. Full text provides broad historical perspective. (January 19, 1998)
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