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A Component Based Knowledge Management System
Using a component architecture design approach. By Tom Finneran, published in The Data Administration Newsletter.
Knowledge Management: Making Sense of an Oxymoron
David Skyrme Associates. Can knowledge be managed? The words management and knowledge at first sight appear uneasy bedfellows. Knowledge is largely cognitive and highly personal, while management involves organisational processes.
What is Knowledge and Can It be Managed?
By Craig S. Mullins - Platinum technology, inc. Knowledge management is over-hyped and misunderstood. It is not a technology, but an amalgamation of strategy, technology, and people.
The Duality of Knowledge
Essay that argues that KM approaches should stress human interaction rather than simply codifying and storing knowledge. By Paul M. Hildreth and Chris Kimble, published in Information Research. (October 01, 2002)
The Nonsense of Knowledge Management
Examines the origins and basis of knowledge management, its components and its development as a field of consultancy practice. Problems in the distinction between knowledge and information are explored, as well as Polanyi's concept of tacit knowing. Includes references. By T. D. Wilson, in Information Research. (October 01, 2002)
Heralding ICT-enabled Knowledge Societies
Provides a two-way global perspective on knowledge and the information rich-poor. By Vikas Nath, Inlaks Scholar, London School of Economics. (April 01, 2002)
Knowledge Management
A collection of observations that have been made about knowledge in the modern workplace. By David Hay. (January 01, 2000)
Developing a Knowledge Strategy
A framework for making the link between knowledge and strategy. Written by Michael H. Zack, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University; published in California Management Review , Vol. 41, No. 3. (June 01, 1999)
Managing Codified Knowledge
Michael H. Zack. To remain competitive, organizations must efficiently and effectively create, locate, capture, and share their organization's knowledge and expertise. This increasingly requires making the organization's knowledge explicit and recording it for easier distribution and reuse. (March 01, 1999)
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