Classification involves the logical arrangement of information for purposes of finding it quickly when it is needed. This is trickier than it sounds, as different words can be used to express the same or similar ideas, and people organize ideas according to their unique understanding and vocabulary. The arrangement structure itself is referred to as a taxonomy or an ontology.

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ASIST Special Interest Group - Classification Research
Studies the fundamental principles, underlying processes, and analytic constructs of classification schemes and procedures by humans or automata.
Automatic Categorization of Magazine Articles
Research paper discussing automatic categorization of magazine articles with broad subject descriptors. Focuses upon the following aspects of text classification: effective selection of feature words and proper names that reflect the main topics of the text, and training of text classifiers.
Controlled Vocabulary
Describes how controlled vocabularies are useful in describing images and information for classifying content in electronic databases. Links to sample hierarchies and controlled vocabularies. Also features links to related resources.
DELTA: Description Language for Taxonomy
A flexible format for encoding taxonomic descriptions for computer processing, intended for biology but with broad applications. It can be used to produce natural-language descriptions, conventional or interactive keys, classifications, and information-retrieval systems.
Flamenco Project
Investigates how to effectively incorporate large, faceted category hierarchies into information access user interfaces.
International Federation of Classification Societies
A federation of national, regional, and linguistically-based classification societies whose aims are to further knowledge classification research.
Ontological Engineering
About two dozen links collected by the ontology project at the philosophy department of the State University of New York at Buffalo, with emphasis on artificial intelligence and the Internet.
Organizational Theory Bibliography
Annotated list of works on classification theory, classification systems, controlled vocabularies, indexing, index design, thesaurus design, and library and information science.
Project Aristotle
Projects, research, products and services investigating or demonstrating automated Web categorization. Some prototypes and demos are available.
Taxonomy Warehouse
Directory of taxonomies, thesauri, classification schemes, and other authority files, plus information on how to license the taxonomies. Features search, browse and alert service.
Taxonomies Are What?
Describes the use of taxonomies to organize information on the Web. (October 04, 2001)
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