Software tools, commercial or non commercial, which someone interested by Information Visualization could want to use.

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Advanced Visual Systems
Provides 2D and 3D visualization tools targeted at business as well as technical visual data analysis.
Advizor Solutions
Generic data visualization tool and component.
Axiis is a Data Visualization Framework for Flex. Includes many common visualizations in a unified framework.
CAIDA Visualization Tools
CAIDA is developing a number tools for Internet data visualization and analysis. CAIDA's Internet Atlas project aims to develop techniques, software, and protocols for mapping the Internet.
Centrifuge Systems
Provides server-based and desktop information visualization software integrated in a business analytics workflow. Focused on security, law enforcement, financial services, life sciences, retail, energy and media and telecommunications.
Visual decision support system targeted mainly at life science applications.
Java class library enabling the display of information-dense collections of time-lines, time-series graphs, and time-stamped notes within Java applets and desktop or server applications.
GeoVISTA Studio
Open software development environment designed for geospatial data. Studio is a programming-free environment that allows users to quickly build applications for geocomputation and geographic visualization
Interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.
A data visualization system for viewing high-dimensional data and is the next edition of xgobi. It provides an interface to many of the features of xgobi, built using Gtk.
Graphing package implemented on top of the R statistical package. Inspired by the Grammar of Graphics seminal work of Leland Wilkinson.
Provides next generation UI applications for decision support: DecisionCore and Search Iris are application components that offer many types of visualization and search features.
provides visual data analysis software focusing on various kinds of treemap views.
Hybrid Intelligence
Provides analytics and reporting using a software-as-service model, as well as customization, training and consulting services.
JMP Statistical Discovery Software
Tool for expert data analysis, design of experiments, and Six Sigma implementation. JMP is a business unit of SAS Institute, Inc. For Windows and Macintosh.
Proposes interactive visualization software and services, including parallel coordinates, treemaps and various charts.
Spin-off from the University of Eindhoven. Describes tools, products and services.
Maxus Systems
Data Mining, Information Visualization, Knowledge Management, OLAP
Provides Interactive 3D and 2D visual data analysis, data mining, navigation, cherry picking, sonification, chart and report creation for advanced Microsoft Excel users.
Developer of browser-based tools for visualization and navigation of semantic networks and topic maps. Features overviews and contact information.
Mr. Dashboard
provides various specialized dashboards, scorecards, and visual reports to business users.
Oculus provides innovative business visualization software solutions for the Fortune 500, federal government agencies and third party software companies.
A data visualization and reporting application published by Visokio.
Based on Jacques Bertin's image-matrix work, this software proposes a variety of solutions for clustering and seriation of data tables. Especially useful for micro-array analysis.
Graphical editor for the Semantic Web. Attach a model to a text document as a graphical summary of its content.
Sentinel Visualizer
is a graph and social networks visualization application published by FMS Advanced Systems Group.
Space - Time - Insight
Company providing geospatial and information visualization software, as well as Visual Analytics solutions. Focuses on providing solutions for heavy industries such as Energy, Transportation networks or Pharmaceuticals.
Spotfire Decision Site
Provides interactive visual data analysis software centered around the
Tableau Software
Visual Spreadsheet for databases, based on the Polaris work from Stanford university.
Offers animated graph drawing features. Focuses more on providing very esthetic displays rather than a wide range of layouts.
TouchGraph Navigator
Commercial interactive graph exploration software. Provides many demonstrations based on publicly available data.
VisIt Visualization Tool
Developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, VisIt contains a rich set of visualization methods--such as contour plots, pseudocolor plots, volume plots, vector plots, and boundary plots--for visualizing scientific data. VisIt allows the ability to provide quantitative as well as qualitative information from a scientific data set.
A non-linear visualization program for dimensional data. It converts table of data to 2D/3D maps by combining multidimensional scaling and clustering methods.
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