TRIZ is the Russian acronym for a theory and method of problem-solving and invention developed by Russian patent examiner Genrich Altshuller. Its English translation is usually given as Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.
Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies
Official institute for TRIZ in the West aims to further its worldwide appreciation, promote conferences, distribute materials and publications, and facilitate research and development. 5. Translate TRIZ materials 6. Develop TRIZ material for children
ETRIA: The European TRIZ Association
Organization of companies, institutions, educational institutions and individuals with an interest in the TRIZ methods. Provides information about the organization, its mission, conferences, activities, and membership.
Ideation International
Business offering services to enterprises in the area of innovation, using an adaptation named Ideation-TRIZ. Offerings include training, consulting, software, and publications.
Offers consulting on problem-solving and innovation using TRIZ and other creativity tools, and assessing the innovation climate within an organization. Newsletters, overview of events, papers, and presentations.
Interactive TRIZ Matrix & 40 Principles
Based on the work of G. Altshuller.
Technical Innovation Center
Company in Massachusetts publishing TRIZ books in English, and providing training and consulting services. Overview of publications and training, and company and management profiles.
Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)
Article explaining the principles and history of the theory and process, identifying the steps and inventive parameters, with examples and illustrations.
TRIZ Consulting, Inc.
Company of Zinovy Royzen in Seattle provides training, consulting, facilitation, and publications. Overview of services, training schedule, and TRIZ background information.
The TRIZ Journal
Free online magazine for devotees of the TRIZ methods of creativity and innovation. Articles, case studies, calendar of training events and symposia, and a directory of products and services.

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