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As the world enters the Knowledge Age, information on virtually every aspect of our lives and businesses is becoming available at an increasing rate. When the availability of information outstrips the time and energy of those who could potentially use it, frustration can result. This condition is often referred to as information overload or infoglut. Left unresolved, this can lead to inefficiency at best, job burnout at worst.

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Agents that Reduce Work and Information Overload
Article discussing how artificial intelligence offers some solutions to problems of actively managing information.
Information Overload - An IR problem?
An abstract of a study by M.Montebello. Proceedings of the String Processing and Information Retrieval: A South American Symposium. A downloadable copy of the entire study is available in .PDF format.
Information Overload Annotated Webliography
A collection of links about Information Overload.
Managing information
Ways to assist a person in deciding what information is actually needed.
The Role of Contextual Clues in the Creation of Information Overload
This paper presents the results from, and analysis of, a case study of a perceived problem of information overload from e-mail in a large international organisation. [PDF] (January 25, 2005) - Digging for Nuggets of Wisdom
Text mining is becoming a viable option for everyday citizens seeking to read, summarize or analyze large numbers of documents. (October 16, 2003)
Spinning Around
Information overload isn't just sending individuals around the bend, it's hurting productivity, writes David Adams. [The Sydney Morning Herald] (May 20, 2003)
The Register - Data Dyspepsia Blights the Workforce
Research from Gartner has found that 90% of companies believe they get too much information pumped through to them on a regular basis. (May 15, 2002)
eCFO - Fighting Information Overload
Knowledge management software helps find the most relevant, most useful data. (March 01, 2001)
How Much Information
An attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year. [Results are available in multiple formats and levels of detail.] (October 01, 2000)
Change and Information Overload: Negative Effects
Even the intellectually most advanced groups, the researchers, educators, managers and technologists, often feel overwhelmed by the changes in their domain. (February 19, 1999)
Desperately Seeking: Helping Hands and Human Touch
Looks at a number of solutions, including "agency," agent-like applications, improvements in the information chain and information brokering, which may help deal with information overload in the online marketplace. By Bjorn Hermans. (January 01, 1998)
Deep Thinking and Deep Reading in an age of InfoGlut, Info-Garbage, Info-Glitz and Info-Glimmer
Schools must make a dramatically expanded commitment to questioning, research, information literacy and student-centered classrooms. Students will need a radically different skills array to negotiate this new information landscape. (March 01, 1997)
Informing Ourselves to Death
A speech given by Neil Postman, German Informatics Society. (October 11, 1990)
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