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When we view the American flag, we think of liberty, freedom and pride. This category contains graphics, flag etiquette and the history of American, Union and state flags dating back to the Revolutionary War. The American flag stands silently on the moon, waves proudly atop Mount Everest and moves further into the unknown of outer-space. This flag is how America signs her name.

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Printable version of each of the 50 U.S. state flags. Includes description of each.
Animated US State Flags
Images of state and national flags. Free for personal or business use.
The Betsy Ross Homepage
History of the flag and of the woman who created the first one. Includes picture gallery, etiquette, trivia and a virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Don't Tread on Me
History of the Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" flag from the American Revolution.
Flag of the United States of America
History and facts about the flag and a selection of patriotic writings. Includes links to government resources.
A Guide to American Flags
Pictures of current and past national and state flags. Includes flags of the Revolution, the Confederacy and possessions and territories.
Historic Flags
Contains graphics and history of flags from the Revolutionary War, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, the Union and state flags.
National and Historical American Flags
Historical and current images of state, federal and related flags.
Netstate: State Flags
Includes pictures, description, and history of each state flag.
Provides free download of images for printing intended for display, coloring and creating stickers. Includes a brief quiz on the history of the flag.
Respect and Display of the Flag
Lists the US Flag Code, recognized display days and official dimensions.
Smithsonian Institute: The Star-Spangled Banner Virtual Exhibition
Includes an introduction movie (requires Flash), information on this flag's background and current status of the preservation project of the flag that inspired America's national anthem. Links to related resources.
The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House
Information on the former home of Mary Pickersgill, maker of the flag that inspired the National Anthem. Includes tour details, gift shop, links to related sites and how to contribute to the new War of 1812 Museum.
Tattered not Torn
Original poem by Christopher H. Wilson. Written on 9/12/01.
US States Flags
Animated flag images, free for personal use.
USA Flag Site
Features history and etiquette, with patriotic pictures and information. Includes a forum.
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