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Academy of Orton-Gillingham
Orton-Gillingham: their specific methods, how and where to find this training for practitioners and educators.
Adult Dyslexia Organisation
UK dyslexia organisation providing a range of employment, educational and legal information and materials to meet the needs of dyslexic adults.
AVKO Dyslexia Research Foundation
Provides a catalog of materials designed to help parents and teachers help the struggling reader learn to read. Also offers in-services, free tutoring, and free downloads.
Baltic Dyslexia Research Laboratory
Denmark-based institute researching into visual and auditory difficulties in dyslexic children and adults.
Bangor Dyslexia Unit
Brief details on the Bangor University Dyslexia Unit.
British Dyslexia Association
UK national organization, offering a wide range of information for parents, dyslexic adults and teachers, with details of the international conferences it organizes,
Canadian Dyslexia Association
Information, links and annual conference for people in Canada.
Cheshire, UK, Dyslexia Association
Highlights future events and lectures, information about the adult support group, and useful addresses.
Dyslexia Action (UK)
Information about dyslexia services. Dyslexia associated training, teaching and publication details. Local UK groups.
Dyslexia Association of Ireland
Dublin-based organization offering information about, and support for, dyslexia.
Dyslexia Research Foundation (DRF)
Research, develop, and broadly disseminate effective counseling and teaching methods to resolve dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
Dyslexia Research Institute
Woodland Hall Academy, Tallahassee, Florida organization providing diagnostic testing, academic and tutorial programs, advocacy and adult education.
Dyslexia: The Gift.
The Davis corrective method: methods to teach reading and overcome academic problems.
International Dyslexia Association
Formerly the Orton Dyslexia Association. Provides resources for professionals and families dealing with individuals with reading disabilities. Membership available. Special sections for Teens and Adults.
Michigan Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
Helping educators, individuals and families that may be experiencing reading difficulties.
Michigan Dyslexia Institute, Inc.
Nonprofit organization serving children and adults with dyslexia. Testing, 1-on-1 student instruction using the Orton-Gillingham methods, teacher training, support groups, and workshops.
The New Hampshire Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
Provide information about dyslexia and its remediation. They offer training in research-based methods of teaching reading.
Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association UK
Raising awareness of dyslexia within Northamptonshire UK. Provide support to dyslexics in education and work, and arrange training events for dyslexics and employers.
Nottinghamshire Dyslexia Association
Local affiliate of British Dyslexia Association offers advice and support for all with a concern for dyslexia. Includes details of their confidential telephone/email helpline.
Oxfordshire Dyslexia Association
Local affiliate of the British Dyslexia Association offers advice, information, and details of their support for parents and teachers.
Professional Association of Teachers of SpLD students
Local Groups, Conference, Publications, Membership details, bulletin board and other material of interest to professionals working in the SpLD field.
San Diego Branch Intnl Dyslexia Association
Dedicated to the study and treatment of individuals with specific language disability.
Scottish Dyslexia Trust
Scottish Dyslexia Trust and the Scottish Dyslexia Association.
Singapore Dyslexia Association
Dedicated to creating greater public understanding and awareness of dyslexia in Singapore, as well as offering remediation programmes for dyslexic children.
Specific Learning Disabilities Federation of New Zealand
Aiming to help children who are not realizing their educational potential because of specific learning disabilities like dyslexia.
Sutton Dyslexia Association, UK
Sutton Dyslexia Association, UK.
West Wales Dyslexia Association
Swansea, UK, based charity with helpline, social events and guest speakers.

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