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1 World Education
Penelope Torribio offers teacher training for successful teaching in the integrated classroom.
21st Century Schools
Professional staff development and curriculum design for educators including media literacy and critical pedagogy.
Abell & Atherton Educational Consulting, Inc.
Professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers, especially in the areas of writing, units of study, and assessment.
Behaviour Change For Schools and Parents
Teacher training and parental advice in behaviour management. Seminars and workshops for P.G.C.E. courses and teaching colleges. Confidential services available.
Big Mouth Presentations
Workshops on character based education.
Corn Associates
An organization of professional educators working as staff development trainers and consultants for schools throughout the United States.
Creative Learning Company
Training and assessment focused on diverse learning styles.
Creative Mathematics
Offering teachers of grades K-12 training workshops in math, science and language arts with books, teaching supplies and manipulatives.
Dinah-Might Activities, Inc.
A frequent speaker and continuing education consultant addressing common problems and needs of parents, teachers and educators. Also designs hands-on activities.
Dr. Gravity Goldberg, LLC
Professional development in literacy, leadership and teaching methodologies. Provides information on program format and staff, with a blog and resources for teachers.
Educating Boys
Workshops and seminars for teachers, parents and boards of trustees about the education of boys.
Education Training Services Ltd.
Providing short courses and seminars for staff in UK schools and colleges, specialising in the fields of science and technology.
Effective Reading Systems
Provides courses in Canada which improve reading speed, comprehension, and retention of difficult text materials.
Ferrito Education
Workshops to develop leadership and team-building skills in student leaders in marching bands, sports teams, and student government organizations.
International Interviewing and Interrogation, LLC
Learn behavior assessment, strategic interviewing, and elicitation (non-coercive interrogation) from recognized experts.
John Veverka & Associates
Consultation service for environmental and historical interpretation and training in heritage tourism and interpretation.
Learning Bridges
Staff development and training to help teachers become leaders in public education.
The Paper Plant: Handmade Paper
Workshops for teachers and students on handmade papermaking.
Pattern Research
Research and training courses for innovators in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Audiotapes and books available.
Offers seminars and online courses for nursing, mental health, legal, and real estate professionals. Includes seminar schedule and list of books and tapes.
Research for Better Teaching, Inc.
A training and consulting firm dedicated to improving teaching and student achievement.
Staff Development for Educators, Inc. (SDE)
Offers staff development for K-12 educators across the United States: conventions, seminars and customized training services.
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