Educational products for use in institutional and/or home settings at the K-through-12 educational level.

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Academic Entertainment, Inc.
Educational school assembly programs for elementary, middle and high schools.
Action Factor
Music CDs and mini-charts to help young readers and writers learn phonics.
The Adventures of Ti and Mo
Stories about letters in an imaginary land teaches letter sounds and names. Includes activities for phonemic awareness, printable puppets, art, and activities.
Algebra Mentor
A site for teachers that includes algebra worksheets, quizzes, tests, and lesson plans.
Batoche Study Capsule
9-12 Canadian History book, which includes poems photographs, internet projects, background notes and lesson plan.
Black Douglas Professional Education Services
Professional support in mathematics education for elementary and high school teachers and teacher trainers.
Bonnie Terry Learning
Presents educational games, reading, writing, and math lessons for teachers, tutors, home schooling, and independent study skills.
Brains Are Fun
Accelerate academic success. Free tools and homework system.
Build a Field Trip
Motivational and educational environmental field trips.
Classroom Classics
Music for K-5 school performances and classroom singing. Patriotic, history, values, and environmental. Both Vocal and Orchestral Tracks.
Crystal Springs Books
Materials for educators in grades K-8. Resource books, teaching tools, and educational music.
Foxglove Music Press
Sells classroom management and character education book/CD sets that combine music with curriculum designed for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
Fraserwood Books
Children's educational books, workbooks, easy readers, french-language .
Joyful Noise Publications
Learning center materials for the multiage or developmental elementary classroom. Reading, language, math, spelling, penmanship, keyboarding, social studies, science, and study skills.
KAMICO Instructional Media
K-12 standards-based assessment test preparation materials.
Guarantees 100% improvement in classroom management by increasing student motivation, discipline, attendance and self-esteem.
Resources to help students and teachers working towards Literature examinations; International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, GCE A Level.
LJ Technical Systems
A modular K-12 science and technology education solution, Internet and computer-based classroom management.
Marky Mac's Place
Reading activity books designed for grade levels third through sixth.
Math Made Easy
Homework helpers, SAT preparation, GED tests, and homeschooling products.
Media Rich Learning
Audio, video and interactive media teaching aids.
MindWing Concepts
Educational tools for parents, teachers, and professionals working with children K-12 with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and ADD/ADHD.
The Ocean Adventure
Marine science school assemblies and interactive, underwater, Internet expeditions for K-12.
Poetry Pals
A series of books, videos, and activity toys that teach children to read through rhyme and rhythm.
Quiz Hub
Online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes.
Designs, develops, publishes, markets and supports interactive learning solutions for K through 12 education.
School Aids
Educational materials for teachers and parents on a large variety of subjects.
The School Assembly Directory
Performers and performances for K-12 assemblies.
School Mate
Assignment books and student planners available for K-12.
Distribute educational calculators, supplemental workbooks, data collection devices and probes, math manipulatives, audio/visual supplies, digital cameras and other computer supplies for classrooms.
Sound Decisions Consulting
Provides teacher training and workshops.
A web application providing K-12 educators a work request system, maintenance management and school maintenance.
Talk Light
Automated Traffic Light monitors the noise level in Elementary and Middle School cafeterias.
Teaching for Change
Non-profit organization promoting social and economic justice by offering multicultural resources, including books, videos, and posters. Also offers sources for a critical analysis of current events.
Educational calculators, supplemental workbooks, data collection devices and probes, math manipulatives, audio/visual supplies, digital cameras and other electronic educational supplies.
Time Table Rhyme
Memory techniques to help students learn and remember the multiplication tables using flash card system.
Timesavers for Teachers
Teacher resources and tools that save time. Practical and visually appealing classroom forms, masters, checklists, timesaving ideas and printable worksheets for teachers.
Download on-demand computer books, lesson plans, learning activities and other teacher resources which are designed to teach K-12 students and teachers the fundamentals of computers.
WebQuest Direct
Searchable directory of teacher reviewed and rated webquests.
Weekly Reader
Features age-appropriate news articles, features, trivia, and games. USA.
WorldView Software
Curriculum-based educational software in U.S. and World History for grades 7-12. Free demo version.
Young Naturalist Company
Nature education kits, consisting of lesson plans, activities and natural plant material for the elementary classroom.
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