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On cognitive constructivism and social constructivism.
Brief introduction to the basics.
Constructivism & Technology
Book about the application of constructivism to technology.
Constructivism as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning
Explanation to gain an understanding of the concept, then goes to a demonstration, where it moves from concept to classroom.
Constructivism, Workplace Learning, and Vocational Education
Document which shows how constructivism relates to vocational education.
Constructivism: From Philosophy to Practice
Contains sections on constructivist epistemology, learning theory, characteristics, and checklist for educators.
Constructivist Learning
Brief definition by Dimitrios Thanasoulas, Greece.
Constructivist Learning Theory
A brief exposition of ideas central to constructivism. Then explores what the principles mean for museum educators.
Constructivist Teaching in Primary Science
Aims to find evidence of constructivist teaching amongst teachers in primary science lessons and to identify any changes in the extent of constructivist teaching when teachers advanced from pre-service to novice teaching.
EduTech Wiki: Constructivism
Brief concepts and descriptions of the topic.
M.A. Boudourides: Constructivism in Education: A Shopper\'s Guide
A paper to present a brief review of the various streams of constructivism in studies of education, society, science and technology. Philosophy and Constructivism, Cybernetic Constructivism, Piaget and Developmental Psychology, Von Glasersfeld’s Radical Constructivism, Vygotsky and Social Psychology, and a brief guide to Science and Technology Studies.
Math Forum - Constructivism in Mathematics Education
About the concept from the point of view of math's education.
Piaget’s Constructivism, Papert’s Constructionism:, What’s the difference?
Describes in detail the main differences in an attempt to try to enrich our understanding of how people learn and, grow. By Edith Ackermann.
SEDL Letter, Constructivism, Volume IX, Number 3
Articles covering the topic, by Mimi Mayer, Wesley A. Hoover and David Foster. SEDL Letter is the institutional magazine of the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL), a private, not-for-profit education research and development corporation based in Austin, Texas.
Social Constructivism - Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology
Introduces Social Constructivism with an example, and then defines the social context, perspectives, instructional models, and the differences between Constructionism and Constructivism.
Une Education Pour Demain
An association which promotes the educational approach of Caleb Gattegno: the subordination of teaching to learning
The University of Sydney: Constructivism
Variety of resources, definitions, learning activities, examples and case studies.
Wikipedia: Constructionism (learning theory)
Defines the concept, its instructional principles, bringing IT to a classroom, list of computer programming languages supporting the constructionist approach to learning.
Wikipedia: Constructivism (philosophy of education)
Encyclopaedia entry about the topic. Defines the theory, comments its history, development and criticism.
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