Sites about integrating technology to enhance the instructional process in kindergarten through twelfth grade instruction.

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Educational Technology WebRing
List of all member web sites.
Grazing the Net: Raising a Generation of Free Range Students
The theme of this article is the value of raising young people to think, explore and make meaning for themselves.
Integrated Technology Education Group
Describes a total system approach to the challenges of linking education technology products and services to school facilities, while seeking to optimize student learning.
Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers
Gives teachers step-by-step directions for getting connected to the Internet. Includes exercises and tips for using the Internet in the curriculum.
Index to three collections of sites designed to help teachers use the Internet effectively, or to learn specific software applications.
Lower Hudson Regional Information Center
Educational technology resources available for technology leadership including school lesson plans, security, networks, software, and student information systems.
Making the Net Work for Schools: Online Research Modules
Online research modules provide a path a teacher can follow with a class of students. They offer clear instructions as well as daily activities which focus on higher level thinking and electronic resources which have been tested for quality.
McKinsey Report
Provides facts and perspectives to help policymakers and educators understand what it will take to connect the nation's public K-12 schools to the information superhighway over the next 5 to 10 years. Prepared for the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIIAC).
National Center for Technology Planning
A clearinghouse for the exchange of many types of information related to technology planning.
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
A dictionary and glossary for the language of the Internet acronyms.
November Learning
Promotes effective use of information and communication technologies to support and enhance learning. Provides information about educational technology, teacher training, professional development, grants, and learning on the Internet.
A package for using "Web-and-Flow" to support schools, districts and regions.
Create educational webpages or games or tests for a fee.
Teachers Helping Teachers
Lesson plans for integrating the Internet with your curriculum. This is a free, non-profit service. It costs nothing to access the information, and no money is made from teachers who contribute.
Tech Corps
A national non-profit organization dedicated to improving K-12 education at the grassroots level by helping educators effectively use technology in their schools.
Technology Student Association
TSA is a national organization devoted to elementary, middle and high school students with a dedicated interest in technology. Assisting TSA's students are teachers, alumni, parents and business leaders who support a technologically literate society.
This is our Time
A worldwide telecommunications project for secondary schools organised for Unesco ASP (Associated Schools Projects).
U.S. Dept. of Education - Educational Technology
Funding opportunities for technology, the Technology Literacy Challenge, information on the e-rate, research and publications.
Uncommon Sense: Educators Reinventing the Profession from the Inside Out
There is no set of workshops, exercises, books, CD-ROMs or Web sites that will take us where we need to go, simply because the goal keeps moving. However, there are a host of options with which we can pursue our goals of lifelong improvement.
Virtual Architecture
Contains examples of curriculum-based educational telecomputing projects and other related resources. Companion site to the ISTE book of the same name.
World Links
Connects and trains teachers and kids in developing countries to improve education and employment opportunities. Includes news, features stories, and links to resources. In English, Spanish and French.
A resource and community for after-school youth programs that integrate technology. Includes lesson plans, teaching techniques, project design tools, samples and examples, software/hardware advice, discussions.
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