A listing of online-only support groups, email lists, etc. For groups that do not maintain a website, but only an email or online presence.
Yahoo! Groups: HIK 4 Info
An information-only list for homeschool related announcements in Kitsap County. No chat allowed, no stories, jokes, political information or other non-homeschool related issues.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Kitsap
The HIK list is a place for home educators in and around the West Sound to announce activities, classes and events, as well as chat about curriculum, projects, and methods.
Yahoo! Groups: Open Minded Homeschoolers in Kitsap
An inclusive email list for homeschoolers and for those who educate at home under the supervision of their local school districts.
Yahoo! Groups: Peninsula Home Education Network
An inclusive email loop for both those using public school programs, and homeschoolers in and around the Port Townsend area.
Yahoo! Groups: Special Homeschoolers of Washington
An email list for parents homeschooling special needs children.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Home Education Network
An inclusive state-wide network whose emphasis is politics as they relate to homeschooling.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Homeschool
General discussion list sponsored by NetHomeschool.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Homeschool Leaders
Email loop exclusively for support group heads and other leaders, to exchange ideas and discuss legislative concerns.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Natural Learning Association Yahoo Group
Networking and political awareness for home educators throughout the state. Political discussion, questions, and issues relevant to home education are main topics of this list.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Secular Home Schoolers
Statewide email group for parents who homeschool free of religion.
Yahoo! Groups: Whatcom Homeschoolers
Email list to inform local homeschoolers of resources and activities.
Yahoo! Groups: Whatcom Youth Homeschool Group
An email loop for teens and pre-teens to exchange ideas and local resources.
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