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Eton Academy for Learning Disabled children
Eton Academy is an accredited 1-12 day school in Michigan dedicated to educating students of average and above average intelligence with specific learning disabilities.
Gifted But Learning Disabled
Curriculum needs for helping children who are exceptional in having both outstanding gift(s) and disability.
Resource Group for Gifted and Learning Disabled
Source of information on being both gifted and LD, also known as twice exceptional, or dual exceptionalities.
Special Ed or Gifted? It May Be Hard To Tell
Article by Susan Winebrenner uses case studies of two twice-exceptional children. The two students experience disparate environments and have very different outcomes.1998.00.00
Specific Writing Disabilities in Intellectually Gifted Children
Article discusses writing disabilities in detail. Specific studies are explained as they relate to comparisons between gifted students and average students in numerous areas of writing skills. 1995.00.00
Twice-Exceptional Newsletter
Regarding gifted children with learning or attention difficulties. Articles, profiles of experts, research findings, news and events.
Attention Deficit Disorders and Gifted students: What Do We Really Know?
Summarizes the current scientific knowledge about ADD and ADHD in children and presents the issues that are related to ADHD in gifted students. In addition there is discussion about the causes, diagnosis, medical interventions and educational strategies. (January 01, 2000)
ADHD and Children Who are Gifted
his full text article by James Webb and Diane Latimer discusses ADHD in the gifted population. It explains that sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference and that oftentimes the evaluator may not be familiar with gifted/talented and so may not even consider that option. (January 01, 1993)
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