This category is for methods and theory related to instructional technology evaluation--determining the quality, merit, or worth of hardware, software, web sites, and instructional programs. It emphasizes the special characteristics of instructional technologies that affect approaches to evaluation.

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Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching
An online periodical dedicated to the effectiveness and interest of learning and teaching science subjects with the use of IT (especially various multimedia and Internet resources) in schools.
Challenges for the Evaluation of New Information and Communication Technologies
Reprint article which considers various aspects of issues related to technology evaluation, access, and literacy learning.
The Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM): A Model for Change in Individuals
A stage model that applies to anyone experiencing change--policy makers, teachers, parents, students
Publisher of standardized achievement tests and custom assessments including TerraNova, Fox in a Box, SUPERA, LAS, TABE, TestMate, NEDT, CDRT, and CDMT. The mission is to help the teacher help the child.
Education and Information Technologies
The official journal of the IFIP Technical Committee on Education.
Emerging from the Smog: Making Technology Assessment Work for Schools
This article from "From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal" discusses the importance of evaluating technology in schools.
Online Evaluation Resource Library (OERL)
Developed for professionals seeking to design, conduct, document, or review project evaluations. OERL is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
A Step Towards the Creation of Educational Technology Standards: Identifying Key Skills
This article examines the process of identifying learning standards for educational and instructional technology programs.
WWILD Team (World Wide Interactive Learning Design Team)
The WWILD Team looks for special kinds of interactive software that they call interactive modules. An interactive module, similar to any reusable learning object, is any self-contained, short, interactive experience that is relevant to school-based learning -- they are not lessons, but resources for lessons and learning.
Critical Issues in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology
Summary of the Secretary's Conference on Educational Technology: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology on July 12-13, 1999, in Washington, D.C.. It notes a shift in schools' focus on technology from building and implementing a technology infrastructure to evaluating the effectiveness of its use in schools and classrooms. [PDF] (January 01, 1999)
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