Sites that provide visitors with independent information about Online Teaching and learning. For example, Brandon Hall and Masie websites do not promote any specific software packages, and as organizations do not sell software, but they carry out regular surveys on suppliers of software relating to Online Learning. The surveys are carried out using their extensive mailing lists and the findings, which are published on the website can therefore be classified as "Independent Research". Other examples would be .org or magazine sites with commentary on issues relating to the rapidly changing world of e-learning. (Information can also relate to similar terms; Web Based Training, Elearning, Online Learning, Online Training, Computer Based Training...)

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Association for Talent Development is an association of workplace learning and performance professionals, forming a world-class community of practice.
Bersin & Associates
Provider of best-practices research, consulting, tools, and professional development on corporate human resources, training, leadership development, technology, and talent management.
Brandon Hall Resources
Business-critical, independent information about the technology-based training industry with specific resources for training professionals and multimedia developers.
The Computer Education Management Association is an independent, no-profit organization that provides a forum for managers and directors of computer education organizations.
e-Learning Centre
A resource designed for academics and training professionals consisting of links to world-wide learning resources.
European-based independent e-learning analyst providing a corporate research subscription service, e-learning best practice reports and vendor viewpoints, and public news and whitepapers, backed up by e-learning strategy and best practice consulting.
Instructional Management Systems Project
An investment membership of academic, commercial and government organizations who are developing a set of specifications and prototype software for facilitating the growth and viability of distributed learning on the Internet.
An organization created to convey Learning Theory and Learning Technology concepts and to help foster an alliance for the new learning economy.
The MASIE Center
The MASIE Center is an international thinktank dedicated to exploring the intersection of learning and technology.
Stephen's Web
Contains information, and articles related to online learning. Includes the OLDaily, the daily e-learning newsletter.
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