Sites dedicated to the transdisciplinary evolution of the university. The aim of transdisciplinarity is to lay bare the nature and characteristics of the flow of information circulating between various branches of knowledge.

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Learning Without Frontiers
As a transdisciplinary initiative, LWF represents UNESCO's pro-active response to addressing the deep social and political problems that confront humanity as they relate to the role of learning in society.
Association for Integrative Studies
AIS is the professional association for interdisciplinarians, with a certain focus on transdisciplinarity. They sponsor an annual conference, a quarterly newsletter, an annual journal (Issues in Integrative Studies), and publications.
The Cal Poly Pomona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Online articles and information about the editorial board and a call for papers.
Center for the Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions
Synthesizes work in disciplines including philosophy, literature, anthropology, psychology and psychiatry. Information on publications, conferences, projects and planned research.
Center for Theoretical Study
CTS is an institute of advanced studies, jointly administrated by Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague. CTS seeks to bridge the gap between humanities and sciences.
Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies
Details on this international group of scholars dedicated to interdisciplinary discussion and research. Contains information on membership and journal.
NMNH Interdisciplinary Research Projects
Information about programs addressing topics including terrestrial and marine biological diversity, global climate change, genetic research and ecosystem modeling.
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
UK-based organization for catastrophist information and research, including the role cosmic catastrophes may have played in our history. Online journals, events, message forum and links.
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