Center for Holocaust Studies
Promoting knowledge of the Holocaust, in the classroom through lecture courses and seminars, on the campus through guest speakers, films, and symposia, and in the community through talks, exhibitions, musical performances, and school visits.
The Center for Research on Vermont
In its nearly twenty-five years of existence, the Center for Research on Vermont has established itself as the clearinghouse for Vermont-related research. As an interdisciplinary network of scholars, the Center serves a number of constituencies, including state government, public schools, institutions of higher education, museums, and cultural and social agencies.
Center for Rural Studies
The Center for Rural Studies (CRS) is a nonprofit, fee-for-service research organization which addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities.
Center for Sustainable Agriculture
The center was established in 1994 to integrate university and community expertise to promote sustainable farming systems throughout Vermont and the region.
The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion
Part of a national network of developmental disabilities programs established to support individuals with disabilities and their families.
The Everse Lab
Crystallographic research of protein form and function.
Horticultural Research Center
Home to many trees, shrubs, perennials, apples, small fruit, over 700 kinds of ornamental trees, shrubs, many of them uncommon or unique, and one of the largest known mature ornamental crabapple collections in the Northeast.
Matthews Research Group
Using mass spectrometry to measure stable isotopically labeled compounds, used to study metabolism in humans.
Office of Health Promotion Research
Health Promotion Research Homepage. Our goal is to further knowledge of health promotion and disease prevention through research in health education.
Proctor Maple Research Center
A site for maple research, study of sugar maples, and serves as a field classroom.
Research Center for Groundwater Remediation Design
RCGRD is a groundwater research center dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on computer-based technology that is designed to achieve least-cost solutions to contamination problems.
The Snelling Center for Government
Nonpartisan public policy institute.
Spatial Analysis Lab
Apply appropriate techniques in GIS, remote sensing, and spatial statistics to problems in natural resource ecology and natural resources planning. The Lab specializes in biodiversity analysis, land-cover mapping, planning for conservation lands, and development of new applications for natural resource management.
Structural Biology Facility
A cross-college, cross-departmental collection of research groups whose primary focus is related to structural biology. Our core team consists of four X-Ray crystallographers, one NMR specroscopist, one molecular modeller/computational biologist and their research groups.
Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)
The Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station was created by state legislative action in 1886 with the objective of serving the agricultural needs of Vermont through research. More than a hundred years later, Experiment Station research still focuses on critical issues for Vermont agriculture and its rural communities.
Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
The Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit is part of a nation-wide program initiated in 1935 to promote research and graduate student training in the ecology and management of fish, wildlife and their habitats.
Vermont EPSCoR
Vermont experimental program to stimulate competitive Research.
Vermont Legislative Research Shop
A supervised group of students pooled together with the resources of UVM for the purpose of supplying information and conducting research for the Vermont State Legislature.
Vermont Space Grant Consortium
The Vermont Space Grant Consortium is a coalition of academic, research, and industrial affiliates representing interests in the development of technology with goals directly related to those of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
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