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New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
"Aggies" fulfill the mission of the land grant university to improve the nation's food supply and maintain its safety, to enhance the environment, and to help people improve their lives.
Animal Science
Researches the biology and management of domestic animals.
Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
A department of seven full-time faculty with expertise in the mathematical sciences applied to biology, including statistics, probability, biomathematics, and computing.
Engages in the fundamental study and application of communication science.
Cornell Raptor Program
Program in the department of Animal Science lists workshops for students and the public.
Department of Applied Economics and Management
Offering courses in agricultural economics, environmental and resource economics, development economics, management, law, and accounting.
Department of Development Sociology
Programs, course list, directory of faculty and staff.
Earth and Atmospheric Science (EAS)
Emphasizes the scientific study of the behavior of weather and climate, and applications to the important practical problems of weather forecasting and climate prediction. Site provides an overview of EAS research, news and seminar announcements, related links, and alumni resources.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Provides information on courses and programs offered by this department.
Fosters understanding about the development and utilization of human capabilities, especially as it applies to agricultural, biological, environmental, and rural community issues.
Protecting horticultural crops from attack by insects and mites by studying the biology and ecology of crop pests and improving pesticide management procedures.
Food Science
Educate students for careers in the food industry, academia, and government, conduct research that will enhance the wholesomeness and availability of food, transfer information and technology to consumers and food scientists.
The Department serves New York State and society at large by generating and extending knowledge about fruits, vegetables and landscape plants that enhances economic vitality and improves the aesthetic and nutritional well-being of individuals and their communities.
Landscape Architecture
Offers undergraduate and graduate level, accredited, license-qualifying landscape architecture degrees. Features degree requirements, faculty, courses, and a student gallery.
Develops and transfers basic new technologies and applications in bioprocess engineering, cellular recognition, gene control and expression, and plant and animal molecular biology.
Natural Resources
Improves society's stewardship of renewable natural resources and their related environments for enduring human use.
Nutritional Sciences, Division of (DNS)
The largest academic unit in the United States devoted to human nutrition. It is also one of the most diversified, with expertise in molecular and human nutrition, nutrition education, nutritional qualities of food, international nutrition, and food and nutrition policy.
Plant Biology
Represents both basic and applied research areas ranging from biophysics and molecular biology through physiology, plant systematics and ecology.
Soil and Crop Sciences
Provides pragmatic solutions to agricultural and environmental problems, produce an educated populace, and advance the understanding of basic natural processes. Information about people; news and current event announcements; description of research and extension projects; related links New York state soil information;
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