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Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
A private technological university in the heart of New England, WPI offers bachelor and advanced degrees in science, engineering, and management by providing its 2,700 undergraduate and 1,000 full- and part-time graduate students with a thorough conceptual foundation in science, engineering, management, the humanities and arts, and the social sciences.
Alpine Ski Team
A highly competitive collegiate ski team.
Computer Science Department
The Department's mission is to continue to build an environment that promotes innovative thinking; values mutual respect and diversity; encourages and supports scholarship; promotes ethical behavior; and engenders life-long learning for its community of scholars.
George C. Gordon Library
Opened in 1967, the Library serves the research and informational needs of the WPI community by providing a vast collection of research collections and documents.
ISS: English as a Second Language (ESL)
In the ESL Summer Institute, students will have the opportunity to brush up on their English skills reading, writing, listening and speaking) and strengthen their understanding of English vocabulary and concepts for science and technology before the beginning of the school year, while they also learn how to use e-mail, computers and create Web sites.
WPI Instructional Media Center
The Center provides a wide range of presentation materials and services to WPI faculty, students, staff, and administration.
WPI International House
The House functions as a center for international education by drawing on the resources on campus, such as international students and scholars, faculty and students returning from overseas experiences and international faculty members.
WPI Police Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Campus Police Department Homepage.
WPI Rubin Campus Center
An events calendar, hours of operation, webcams, a virtual tour, event reservations, floor plans and history.
WPI Student Health Center
Located in the "Stoddard C" complex, the Center provides physician appointments, health services and counseling.
WPI Venture Forum
Created in 1990 to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and to serve those who engage in technology-based entrepreneurial enterprises by providing advice, support and education tailored to meet their needs.
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