The Open University is the UKs largest university for courses taught on a part-time distance learning basis.

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The Open University
A university offering courses by the distance learning method. Information includes details of courses offered, teaching methods and access to course resources.
Beagle 2: The British Led Exploration of Mars
Led by Professor Pillinger of the Open University. Details the history, science, technology, and aims of the Mars Express mission.
Careers advice from the OU
The Open University Careers Advisory Service for current students.
Costing Analysis Project in Sub-Saharan Africa
A partnership between the Open University and the South African Institute of Distance Education (SAIDE), to produce a costing tool for Distance Education and use of ICTs in Teacher Development and support in sub-Saharan Africa.
Courses and Qualifications
Directory of courses, diplomas, certificates, named degrees and qualifications. Includes information about registration, fees and degree profiles.
Credit Transfer
Details for current and prospective students about transferring credit from courses at other places of study.
Employment Opportunities
Information on current vacancies with the OU for academic and office staff and research posts.
Open Library
Library services to students, staff, researchers and members of the public.
Open University Student Budget Account (OUSBA)
Information about OUSBA. Includes general advice on opening and controlling accounts and a link to a secure area where personal information can be accessed.
Open Universiuty Alumni Community
Provides resources for all past students of the Open University. News, events, calendar and service details available.
Planning Studies
Advice and guidance about planning your Open University studies.
Resources for Open University Teachers and Students. (ROUTES)
Library of online resources for OU courses specifically chosen by course teams.
Services for disabled students
Advice and guidance for OU students with a disability, for study needs, funding, course materials, and support
Skills for OU Study
Resources for students to help them develop their study skills.
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