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Admissions Consultants
Admissions consulting advice for applicants preparing essays and applications to the top colleges, universities, medical and business schools.
Black Excel: The College Help Network
Features links to resources to help African American students navigate the college admissions process.
College & University
Advice on choosing a career path, finding a school and getting financial aid.
College Admissions from
News plus tips on scholarships, applications, rank, tests, visitations, essays and interviews.
College Admissions Plus
Newsletter concerning admissions and related educational issues.
College Planning Simplified
Guide to the selection and admission process, includes information on financial aid and scholarships.
College Summit
A national US non-profit organization that helps high schools raise their college enrollment rates by building a college-going culture.
CollegeBound Network
A resource offering high school students an inside look at the college admissions process and college life. Financial aid facts and virtual college tours.
Guide to colleges, universities, and graduate programs. Provides information on college admissions, links to academic resources, and online applications.
Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers FAQ
A guide to colleges that admit homeschooled applicants and other college information for their families.
Common Application
An online undergraduate college application accepted by over 400 independent colleges.
A guide to college admissions. Also discusses high school diplomas and the GED.
Early-Decision Programs
Full-text of the ERIC Digest of this name dealing with early-decision programs. [PDF]
Free information and links related to the college selection, application and admission process.
The scholarship search service now has a college directory and links to online college applications.
Free College Applications
List of U.S. colleges that do not charge application fees if you apply under certain circumstances.
Higher Education Funding Council for England - HEFCE
Promotes and funds teaching and research in higher education institutions. Includes general information and sections on finance, good practice, and research.
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)
This site addresses specific issues of Hispanic students pursuing a college degree.
How College Admission Works
Guide to college admissions, with information from the Duke University admissions director. Includes a full page of related links.
Provides information and services about preparing, applying and paying for college.
Features colleges in the USA, India, UK, Australia, and Canada. Also included are articles, essays, test preparation tips, and FAQs on colleges, graduate and business schools.
Laissez-Faire College Rankings
An interesting antidote to the annual rankings by U.S. News and World Report and the others. Written by a poster from the newsgroup
Mapping Your Future
Information about college and career planning.
My College Guide
Source to ask admission questions, search for colleges, and download common admission forms.
Free program allowing peers to comment on your admissions application and essay. Includes admissions statistics and a forum.
Resource for education and career planning. Explore personality types, majors, colleges, and careers.
The Sam Jackson College Experience
A personal student weblog about the college admissions process and college life.
Offers tips on writing a statement of purpose and provides sample essays.
Transition to College
An assessment designed to help students make decisions during the admissions process, including college and major selection. A fee-based service.
College admission applications, financial aid and scholarship search and planning.
Yahoo! News
Provides links to news and feature articles. [RSS] - At Last, College Answers, and a Few New Questions
The New York Times follows Jed, Reuben and Gerta through the college admission process from spring of junior year until spring of senior year. Part three of a series. [Requires free registration to view] (May 07, 2002) - Preparing Applications, Fine-Tuning Applicants
Second of a three-part series where The New York Times follows Jed, Reuben and Gerta through the college admission process from spring of junior year until spring of senior year. [Requires free registration to view] (May 06, 2002) - Different Lives, One Goal: Finding the Key to College
The New York Times follows Jed, Reuben and Gerta through the college admission process from spring of junior year until spring of senior year. Part one of a series. [Requires free registration to view] (May 05, 2002)
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