Lexicographic works of general scope focus on everyday words and expressions like "table," "high school," and "it's raining cats and dogs," but can also encompass (to a certain extent) technical expressions of general interest (e.g. "information technology," "carbon monoxide," and "luxation"). A well-known English-only general dictionary is the Merriam-Webster's. Basic foreign-language word lists for beginners also qualify as general. This category is intended for specialized works on certain subjects (e.g. topical/thematic vocabularies on food or sports), working-world references (e.g. dictionaries for business travelers, military personnel, or technicians/scientists), and multidisciplinary term banks (those may contain some everyday words, but they offer in-depth coverage of technical fields while general dictionaries do not).

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Canadian Common Law Dictionary, Law of Property and Estates
Database by the National Program for the Integration of Both Official Languages in the Administration of Justice (POLAJ). Standardized vocabulary.
Dictionary of Financial and Stock Market Terminology
By Christopher Freeland, with terms, phrases, and acronyms. Covers mostly finance, but also insurance, accounting, real estate, and law.
English-French Sailing Dictionary
Multiple-page document by Ken Turner, et al. Pleasure boating and yachting, electrical engineering, weather.
French-English-French Dictionary of Wine Economic Expressions & Other Useful Terms
Multiple-page document by Pierre Spahni, consultant for the winemaking industry. Originally written for economists. International wine trade, finance, organizations, acronyms, and measuring units.
French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Database by Thomas Bearth and Charles Fennig, for SIL International. Linguists may contribute. Records may show domains as well as lexical and semantic relationships, but no definitions are provided.
Glossary of French Housing and Building Terms
For learners. By Internet French Property, a guide on buying and renting in France.
Glossary of French Legal Terms
Definitions in English by Internet French Property, for people who are planning to buy or rent housing in France.
NATO Glossary of Terms and Definitions Concerning the Safety and Suitability for Service of Munitions, Explosives and Related Products - AOP-38 (Edition 3)
April 2002, 146 pages. Unclassified Allied Ordnance Publication (AOP) of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Standardized terminology, military, munition-weapon system interfaces. [PDF]
ONTERM Database: Ontario Terminology
By the Government of Ontario, Canada. Public administration, civil service entities, organizations, programs, laws, matters of provincial competence, geographic names, generic concepts.
Sheldon Brown's English/French Bicycle Dictionary
Bike parts, repair and maintenance tools, cycling apparel, competitive and leisure-time biking.
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