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A Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism, and Philology
FTP directory of more than 130,000 items, including lists for individual authors and critical schools, literary theory, literary history, aesthetics, semiotics, and related subjects. By Jose Angel Garcia Landa.
Critical Bibliography of Japan in English-Language Verse
An annotated guide to the use of Japanese subjects and forms by British, Irish, and American poets, particularly from 1900 to 1950. By David Ewick.
Ernest Bramah Bibliography
A guide to work by and about the writer, including variant editions of his books, appearances in periodicals and anthologies, and biographies, criticism, and reviews; includes cover scans of titles. By Mike Berro.
Essential Chaucer
Annotated bibliography of Chaucer studies, 1900-1984; includes more than 900 records categorized by nearly 90 topics. By Mark Allen and John H. Fisher.
Greek Theater: An Annotated Bibliography
Annotated guide to 182 essays and translated plays that appeared in English from 1824 to 1994. By Stratos Constantinidis.
Howard Fast Bibliography
Includes compilation of primary and secondary materials; includes edition and translation details and cover scans and jacket text of many titles. By Steve Trussel.
Jeffery Farnol Bibliography
Chronological list of Farnol's novels, and notes about biographical and related material; includes cover scans and plot summaries of many titles.
Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography
A guide to English-language non-fiction of and about the West Indies, 1492 to present, organized alphabetically by author; includes over 25,000 titles, most with brief annotation. By Don Mitchell QC.
Prehistoric Fiction Bibliography
Annotated guide to more than 1,000 "novel[s] set in prehistoric times, or in which the principal characters are members of prehistoric society"; includes indices of titles, publication dates, and authors, and cover scans of most titles. By Steve Trussel.
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