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Almanacs catering to specific regions of the world.

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CIA World Factbook
United States government profiles of countries and non-self-governing territories around the world. Information on geography, people, government, transportation, economy, communications, military, and transnational issues.
Provides information about the fifty United States of America.
Art Almanac (Australia)
Lists most art galleries, Australia wide, with information about their current exhibitions.
BBC News: Country Profiles
Overview of every country in the world with information on current political leaders and national media. Also includes brief historical backgrounds on each nation.
China's Official Gateway to News & Information
Chinese government sponsored information on population, geography, trade statistics, telephone/postal codes, politics, news and travel.
City Town Info
Profiles on U.S. cities and towns including comparative data on people, real estate and income. Lists resources such as libraries, airports and rail stations.
DC Almanac
History, culture, and politics in the District of Columbia, U.S.A. Published by Progressive Review.
Defense Department Almanac, U.S.
Provides a variety of information and statistical material about the United States Department of Defense: its people, organization, equipment, and funding.
Encyclopedia of Chicago
Includes set of detailed articles and maps on Chicago's industries, people, culture, sports, surrounding cities and towns, politics and more, mainly with a historical perspective.
Hometown Locator
Community information on cities and towns in the United States including environmental data, demographics, local weather and maps.
New Georgia Encyclopedia
Provides articles and information on a wide range of subjects pertaining to the state of Georgia. Includes information on cities, government, religion, events, and people.
New Hampshire Almanac
A collection of electronic materials of interest to those studying New Hampshire's people, government, and geography.
North Carolina Encyclopedia
Information on North Carolina counties, communities, famous people, government, history and symbols.
Texas Almanac
Online companion to the print edition. Chronicles Texas history, government, business, recreation facilities, and the arts: articles, county maps, state profiles, demographics, populations, and government documents.
Texas, North Central, Regional Almanac
Demographic and economic resources for north central Texas; includes links to colleges and universities, chambers of commerce, cities, counties, and special administrative districts.
These United States
Offers state information profiles for each of the 50 United States.
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