Music is the art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. This category is home to sites containing travel resources and information on trips and tours specifically catering to the music enthusiast.
American Classic Tours and Music Festivals
Music travel experiences are their sole focus, creating festivals and performing tours to meet the needs of schools, churches, community groups, and adult folk arts groups.
Big Apple Jazz Tour
Music tours highlight excursions around New York City visiting Harlem, Greenwich Village, and area jazz clubs.
Charter Travel
Customized tours for singing groups, with venues in Great Briton, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Sample itineraries.
Individually arranged journeys for choirs and orchestras including opportunities to perform and get together with other choirs. Destinations worldwide, based in Germany.
Classical Movements, Inc.
Touring company specializing in music groups. Handles the needs of major symphony orchestras and choruses of all sizes.
Gower Music International
Tour operator that helps amateur performance groups with their choir tours, band tours or orchestra tours. Based near Stratford, England and specialises in European music tours.
HAT Tours Ltd.
European opera tour itineraries for travel and holiday plans across Europe to music houses and performances. Contact information for the United States, Denmark, and England.
Organizes trips to musicals in Germany, England and Austria, including hotel and travel arrangements. [English/German]
Joe Fish Tours
Information about country music tours to Nashville, Memphis Denver, and Kentucky from the United Kingdom.
Panorama Tours
In Salzburg, based on the movie - The Sound of Music. Also has Mozart based city tours. [English/German]
Patricia's Opera Tours
New Zealand based tour company features opera tours to Italy, Australia and New Zealand.
Pro Musica Tours
Performing arts tours around the world for opera, theater, dance and music enthusiasts. Group and educational tour options.
Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours
Offers specialized travel tours for music lovers in both North America and Europe.

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