Miniature railways and railroads are real passenger carrying railways in miniature from gauges 3.5ins to 20ins.

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The 7 + Railroader
US published journal for miniature railroad enthusiasts everywhere.
Adobe Mountain Railroad
Phoenix, Arizona. Maricopa Live Steamers railroad club.
American Park Trains
Matt Conrad's American, amusement park, miniature train web site with pages on Cagney, Chance, Crown, Custom Locomotive, Miniature Train Co and others.
Assiniboine Valley Railway
The AVR is a 1/8 scale 7.5" gauge railway located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Atchison and Western Railroad
A 12in gauge railroad for the young and the young at heart. The original railroad consisted of 600ft of track, one Ottaway steam engine, three cars, and a homemade diesel engine.
B & B Railroad Depot Bed & Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast establishment with 2300 feet of 7.5 inch railroad track in Oregon, Ohio.
Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
The BJWRR has been in operation at Oak Meadow Park and Vasona Park in Los Gatos, California since 1970.
Chattanooga Society of Model Engineers
CSME is currently building the Eagle Point Railroad, a planned 10,000 feet long (16 scale miles), 7 1/2 inch gauge (1/8th scale) railroad on private property Northwest of Chattanooga, TN.
Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steamers
Non-profit live steam club in Baltimore, Maryland.
The Collegeville and Southern Railway
This web site will track the construction of the Collegeville and Southern Railway, an 18" gauge live steam railroad near Collegeville PA.
Dells Live Steamers and Model Engineers
The Dells Live Steamers is a 7 1/2 inch gauge model railroad located in Wisconsin Dells.
Emerald Hills Railway
Private miniature railway located in California.
Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers
A club devoted to the construction and operation of live steam locomotives and trains on 3½, 4.75 and 7¼ inch gauge track, with 2,000 feet at high level and 2,000 feet at ground level at the Museum of Science and Technology in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Great Lakes Live Steamers
1/8 Scale trains running on 7.5 inch gauge track. Includes schedules and locations. Michigan.
Houston Area Live Steamers
Club is devoted to live steam modeling: from locomotives, to stationary engines, to tractors and boats, with a particular emphasis on model trains large enough to ride. Our dual gauge track serves both 4.75in and 7.5in gauges.
Indiana Live Steamers
A miniature railroad located in Johnson County Park near Edinburgh, Indiana.
Iron Horse Park
Miniature 7.5" gauge railway in Alberta, Canada operated by the Alberta Model Engineering Society.
Irvine Park Railroad
The train is a 1/3 scale replica of a 1863 C. P. Huntington locomotive. Travel three-quarters of a mile through historic Irvine Regional Park, passing two lakes, giant oak trees and the Orange County Zoo.
Kitsap Live Steamers
A 7½in gauge live steam railroad in Port Orchard, Washington.
Largo Central Railroad
LCR is a 1.5 inch scale, 7.5 inch railroad located in Largo, Florida.
Long Island Live Steamers
Miniature railway club located on Long Island, New York.
Los Angeles Live Steamers
Information, photos, tips, and want ads from this live steam and diesel club in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA.
New Unionville and Western Railroad
Live Steam Railroad in New Unionville, Indiana, near Bloomington. Model railroading in 1/8th scale.
Pacific Northwest Live Steamers
The Shady Dell Pacific Railroad is a 1-1/2" scale railroad on four acres east of Molalla, Oregon, US.
Pioneer Valley Live Steamers
This track is located in Southwick Massachusetts and consists of 4580 feet of ground level 7¼in gauge track and 1140 feet of elevated 3½ and 3.75 in gauge track.
The Redlake Junction Railroad
A 7½ in gauge live steam railroad located in Williams, Arizona.
Redwood Valley Railway
A 5 inch scale, 15 inch gauge steam railway based on narrow gauge railroads of the late 1800s located in Berkeley, California.
Riverside Live Steamers
A 40 acre park in Riverside, CA and railroad dedicated to bringing railroading to the kids.
Sacramento Valley Live Steamers
Located in a beautiful setting at Hagen Community Park in Rancho Cordova, California. The Club main line is now over 6,300 ft with many sidings and several yards. The track is 7½in and 4 3/4in gauge.
Southwestern Live Steamers
Southwestern Live Steamers operates on private 7½in gauge tracks throughout Texas and Oklahoma. A current meet schedule is available.
St. Croix Railroad
On the Wisconsin/Minnesota border near Minneapolis/St. Paul with 2-1/2 in, 3-1/2 in, 4-3/4 in and 7-1/2 in gauge tracks on 9 acres of land.
Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad
The trains that operate in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, Florida are one-eighth life-size, or scaled at 1-1/2 inch per foot on a track gauge of 7-1/2 inches.
Train Mountain Railroad Museum
Train Mountain currently has 70,000 feet of one eighth scale railroad track in operation. Located near Chiloquin, Oregon, USA.
The Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad Association
Has a 12-inch gauge live steam Railroad. The railroad is open every Sunday, May thru October.
Washington County RR
The Washington Country Railroad is a large scale railroad club with a special interest in coal fired steam locomotives located in Cherryfield, Maine.
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