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17d Miniatures
Rolling stock, Signals and parts for 5" gauge & 7.25" gauge Railways
The 1:6 scale Passenger Car Co
U.S manufacturer of scale 1.6 miniature railroad cars.
United Kingdom based manufacturer of electronic speed controllers for battery electric miniature railway locomotives.
Alan Keef Ltd
Railways for industrial use and the leisure industry.
Manufacturer of 5 and 7.25 inch gauge scale wagons, coaches, bogies and industrial models.
Arizona Railroad Depot LLC
Manufacturer and supplier of rail and trackless trains.
Australian Railcraft
Railcraft manufacture and supply detail parts for live steam rolling stock using polyurethane.
Blackgates Engineering
Suppliers of miniature railway drawings, locos kits etc.
Branchline Products
U.S manufacturers of 1½ inch scale D and RGW narrow gauge, but many of the parts can be also used on standard gauge rolling stock.
Bryte Rails
Miniature caboose and locomotive markers.
Cannonball Ltd
A 1½" scale, 7¼" and 7½" gauge manufacturer and supplier of model railroad locomotives, rolling stock, power trucks, freight trucks, rail and misc accessories.
Cheddar Valley Steam
Copper boiler manufacturers for model steam locomotives, traction engines, model marine engines and full size marine steam launches.
Compass House
Supplying engineering tools and small machines together with live steam models and electric powered diesel electric model locomotives in 5in and 7¼in gauge.
Crenshaw Locomotive Works
Locomotives and rail supplied for 7.25 and 7.5 inch gauges.
Cromar White Railways
Manufacturer and supplier of rail, trackwork, bogies, rolling stock and locomotives.
D.Hewson (Models)
UK manufacturer of 5in gauge scale products.
Denver Light Railway
Engineering, build and restoration services for all types of light railway.
Don Sweger
Ready-To-Run PRR B-60 Baggage, cars including PRR Keisel trucks and couplers, are now in production and available.
E. & J. Winter
Servicing the requirements of fellow model engineers in Australia, New Zealand and other countries since 1978.
The Engineers Emporium
Second hand and new miniature railway equipment up to 10¼in gauge for sale.
A J Reeves
Drawings, castings and many other items including the Don Young designs.
Ken Schroeder
Supply of castings and drawings for the 2 and 3 truck Shay 1.5 inch scale live steam locomotives.
Manufacture of miniature rail systems, locos, wagons etc.
Little Engines
Long established supplier of scale steam locomotives in the United States.
Live Steam Locomotives
Offers precision 7.25" and 7.5" gauge locomotives and a collection of railroad locomotive and tender drawings from the live steam era.
Live steam castings,7¼ and 7½in gauge.
Lynx Model Works
Model and miniature steam engines, locomotives and traction engines built, repaired, renovated and painted. Model paints, model engineering machinery and tool sales.
Mammoth Locomotive Works
Involved in the engineering, construction, and manufacture of large and full-scale locomotives, most for amusement park or other commercial operations.
Mardyke Miniature Railways
Long established English company, producing garden and commercial railway equipment.
Maxitrak Limited
United Kingdom based manufacturer of kit build and ready built passenger carrying miniature railway locomotives and rolling stock.
Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works
Builds and repairs light railway equipment from 15 inch to 36 inch gauge.
Midwest Train Works
Manufacturer of 1 inch scale rolling stock and accessories for large scale model railroading.
Miniature Railway Supply Co Ltd
Supplier of miniature railway equipment, rail, fittings, sleepering - steel or wood, plus other track materials.
Model Engineering Supplies
Manufacturers of miniature passenger hauling locos and rolling stock for 5in and 7.25in gauge.
Moes Locomotive Works
Builds large scale steam locomotives, rolling stock and steam driven rotary snowplows.
Mountain Car Company
Manufactures 1½ins scale and 1/8th scale train products.
MRW Railways Ltd
Complete solution for miniature railway design, construction, equipment and operation
The One Inch Scale Railroad Supply
US manufacturers and marketers of kits and component parts for 1in scale model railroading for gauges 4.75in and 5in.
OS Live Steam Locomotives
Manufacturer of 3.5 and 5 inch gauge steam locomotives.
Phoenix Locomotives Ltd
Suppliers of highly detailed, modern image locomotives and rolling stock. Available in 5" and 7.25" gauge as kits or ready to roll.
Phoenix Sound
Manufacturer of digital sound systems for model and large scale miniature locomotives.
PJS Engineering
Manufacturer of 7.25 inch gauge toads, bogies and passenger coaches. Repairs, rebuilds and produces boiler fittings.
Plum Cove Studios
Manufacturers of the unique Phinneas T. Phlatt car and other items for 7¼ and 7.5 inch gauge.
PNP Railways
The main purpose is to supply ready-made parts to the model engineering fraternity specializing in 7¼ inch and 5 inch gauge model railways. Based in Gloucestershire, UK.
Polly Model Engineering
Live steam locomotive kits for 5 inch gauge requiring no machining.
Precision Steel Car
Producing rolling stock kits and detail parts for the 1.5" scale live steamer.
RA Barker Engineering
Manufacturer of fittings for steam models.
Railroad Supply Corporation
Specializes in producing large scale steam and diesel locomotives, track and accessories.
Railroad Warehouse
Supplier of products and services for 7½" gauge miniature railroads.
Information and a catalogue of products for the hobby of large scale model railroading.
Ride On Railways
Suppliers of 5 and 7¼ in gauge products based around freelance narrow gauge railways. Also signs, seats and other items.
Roanoke Precision Engineering
United Kingdom based manufacturer of passenger hauling miniature railway petrol hydrostatic and steam locomotives.
Roll Models Inc
Offering steam, electric, and gas hydraulic locomotives, rolling stock, specialty rail cars, castings, parts, track, structures, and controls.
Scale Products Company
Working signals for all eras, types and scales of riding railroads from 7¼in to 24ft gauge.
Scaleway Signals
Specialist manufacture of miniature railway signals, rolling stock and lineside equipment.
Severn Lamb UK
UK manufacture of park trains.
Station Road Steam
Dealer in second hand model/miniature steam locomotives.
Steam Traction World
Manufacturers of a range of live steam railway locomotives in 5in and 7¼in gauge, supplied in kit form.
Buys and sells live steam models.
Superscale Locomotive Company
Manufacturer of injectors, valves, air brake systems and fittings for steam locomotives.
Tom Bee
Couplers, trucks, freight Cars, and parts for the 1.5" scale railroader.
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