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Australian Highways
An explanation of the country's road systems. Includes photographs.
Australian Towns, Cities and Highways
Includes road photographs and descriptions within each topic, presented by state. Site also includes kilometre and distance sign photographs, and street light photographs.
By Peugeot along Gippsland's Grand Ridge Road
A virtual tour by Peugeot 306 XSi and 206 GTi along South Gippsland's Grand Ridge Road, which runs along the Strzelecki Ranges in Victoria.
Melbourne's tollway system. For information and purchase of e-tags and day-passes online.
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Provides policy advice to the Ministers and delivers a variety of programs on behalf of the Commonwealth Government.
Includes images of various types of signs and signals as well as other peripheral road objects such as guardrails.
M2 Hills Motorway Homepage
In the north-western suburbs of Sydney, operated by Hills Motorway Limited. Includes the T-Pass electronic tolling system.
M5 South-West Motorway
Located in the south-western suburbs of Sydney, operated by Interlink Roads Pty Ltd. Includes information on the E-Way electronic tolling system.
Main Roads Western Australia
Official government site. Details the system, regulations, and safety guidelines, and gives road works information.
New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority
State government authority that builds major roads, promotes road safety, manages traffic, regulates vehicles and licenses drivers.
Ozroads: The Australian Roads Website
Includes information on the National System as well as routes in various states. Includes photographs.
Queensland Department of Main Roads
Manages the Queensland state road network. Includes information on the Pacific Motorway, Brisbane's toll roads, and its traffic management system.
Transport South Australia
Roads and licencing authority for South Australia. Includes information on the Southern Expressway extension and the Port River Expressway.
Transport Tasmania
Covering transport information and services around Tasmania.
Victoria's highway department.
Westlink M7
Part of the Sydney orbital network, opened in late 2005. Toll information and maps.
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