Systems for linking amateur radio stations and repeaters via the Internet. Amateur radio fans have developed special software that helps connect home radio transceivers to the Internet. Users can connect their ham radio transceivers to their PC sound card and use the computer software to search for available repeater stations across the world . Some methods are with [ D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) a digital voice and data protocol specification developed as the result of research by the Japan Amateur Radio League to investigate digital technologies for amateur radio. This category also includes standard VOIP communications, IRLP, Echolink and eQSO.

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Australian D-Star Information
Includes FAQ, tips, Icom files, photo gallery and repeater maps.
D-STAR Information Site
Dedicated to helping D-STAR users, with basic to detailed technical information. Offers FAQ, list of nets, product reviews and links.
Offers a repeater directory, current/last heard activity, repeater directory and forum.
Florida D-Star Information
Contains gateway's and policies information as well as repeater mods and setup notes.
Free Star
Offers an experimental approach to the implementation of a vendor neutral, and open source, digital communication network. It enables existing (FM) repeater owners to establish a D STAR repeater with a choice of interface hardware (GMSK modem or sound card), software and radio hardware.
Independent Radio Club D-STAR
Provides tips on setting up a radio, manuals, tutorial, and list of members.
Just say No! to DSTAR
WB2MIC provides his opinions on D-Star.
Scotland-based amateur Martin Higgins presents D-Star equipment and network information and links.
Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters
Operates under the club call sign N7ARR and N7NDS (N Nevada 7 N Nevada DS D-Star). Provides details of the club's ongoing sponsorship of the annual VoIP IRLP Conference and list of supporters.
Shiawassee D-STAR Repeater
Contains information about the W8SHI repeater and D-STAR digital communications. Shiawassee County, Michigan.
Wikipedia - D-STAR
Provides history and technical details.
Wild Rose Network
Includes information on how to register to access the Gateway, repeater details, application form and links. Based out of Calgary, Alberta.
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