Groups and organisations whose membership and activities revolve primarily around a particular area of interest within amateur radio.

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50 MHz & Up Group of Northern California
An educational and public service amateur radio organization centered in the San Francisco Bay area, interested in developing and utilizing communications on frequencies from 50MHz up through light-waves.
Flying Boat Amateur Radio Society with membership information, member listing, net schedules, membership e-mail addresses, and photos.
Edge of Space Sciences, Inc.
EOSS is a volunteer organization with expertise in the process of flying stratospheric high altitude helium balloons, and promoting science and education through high-altitude balloons and amateur radio. Includes flight schedules, radio frequency information, general program data, net and meeting details. Denver, Colorado, United States.
An amateur radio forum about ham radio, communications, radio news, space, and radio history.
The Courage Center Handiham System provides tools for people with disabilities to learn amateur radio and technology skills, and to earn their amateur radio licenses. Includes EchoLink net details.
HF Pack
An HF resource for club and contact information, photos, message boards and links.
International Amateur Radio Union Monitor System
Group monitors amateur radio bands to identify intruders; membership and contact information, links.
International Federation of Railway Radio Amateurs
Promotes railway radio amateurs of all countries and international organizations; encourages and supports the creation of national groups of railway radio amateurs. [English, French, German]
ISS Fan Club
These space enthusiasts follow ISS missions and contact crews by amateur radio. Offers news, forums and tracking information.
MF - Runde
German organization of SWLs and radio amateurs with past or present navy or civilian maritime relationship. [English - German]
Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club
Resource for organization information, mission statement, chapter lists, events schedules and contact information.
Open Roads Radio
Forum for those interested in RV camping and amateur radio. Special emphasis on mobile and portable operations.
Penn-Ohio DX Society
A PSK31 club open to all amateurs licensed to operate on the HF bands. Features FAQ, awards, member list and history.
Quarter Century Wireless Association
Club for amateur radio operators who have been licensed for over 25 years. Includes FAQ, how to join and an information center. International membership.
Radio Amateur Old Timers' Association
Open to anyone who has been actively involved in amateur radio for over 25 years. Contains committee member details, awards information, downloads and nets list. United Kingdom.
Radio Society of Great Britain Contests
The RSGB Contest committee is responsible to the board for all aspects of HF and VHF contests. Contains information on contesting, calendar, and results.
Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society
Open to anyone interested in amateur radio and who has completed service with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom or certain other countries or is currently serving. News, pictures and history on a variety of amateur radio subjects.
A network for ham radio operators.
Summits On The Air
SOTA is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. There are awards for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even activators on other summits).
World Castles Award Program
A group that participates in a program to attract attention to historical and architectural heritage sites relating to fortification, including fortresses, castles and forts. Participates in QSOs with stations at historical monuments all over the world.
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