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The National traffic System (NTS) has served as a backbone network for the relay and, ultimately, delivery of text-based messages across the United States and beyond by amateur radio. Organized by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) in 1914, the NTS is purposed with the efficient and accurate delivery of message traffic following the Radiogram format. Collected within this category is a listing of websites devoted to the networks. Whether VHF (local) or HF (state-wide and regional), these affiliations of traffic handlers are responsible for ensuring the timely and reliable relay and delivery of hundreds to thousands of messages each day.

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7290 Traffic Net
Information about the regional HF, phone traffic net taking place daily (except Sunday) on 7290kHz. The site provides a little history about the group as well as articles, training and a member roster.
Central Ohio Traffic Net, COTN
A local, VHF net serving the central Ohio area. Operations include traffic handling and training for interested stations. Instructional and organizational information is provided.
Dallas/Fort Worth NTS Traffic Net
A site providing information about the local, VHF network affiliate of the ARRL National Traffic System. Net control scripts, schedules and training content is provided.
Eastern Massachusetts NTS
Section level overview of the NTS structure within the Eastern Massachusetts (EMA) organization. Resources include a list of nets, training materials and other traffic handling information.
Kentucky CW Nets
Links and information on various CW (Morse Code) nets.
Montana Traffic Net, MTN
An NTS voice net meeting daily at 00:30Z; it serves all states, Canada and anywhere third party traffic is allowed.
This net operates daily on SSB at 12:00 local. Its primary functions are to move traffic through the NTS and to provide Public Service operations.
North Carolina Traffic System
An overview of the NTS network for the state of North Carolina. Meeting and contact information is provided for each and a link to subordinate websites where applicable.
Northern Virginia Traffic Net
Local affiliate of the NTS located in Bluemont, VA, and operating nightly at 19:30 on WF4TSC.
South Carolina Single Sideband Net
Provides information on organization, traffic handling, membership and history of the SC SSB Net.
Southeastern North Carolina Traffic Net
The purpose of this net is provide communications and train operators in the proper method of handling messages during emergencies, to learn net operations and procedures, pass traffic, make announcements and to post bulletins.
Texas CW Net, TEX
Schedule and information related to the daily CW affiliate of the National Traffic System. Also available are the groups newsletters and training material for interested radio operators.
Texas Slow Net
CW section level affiliate of the NTS; the TSN meets nightly on 3591kHz and serves the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Code speeds are usually under 15wpm to help train interested traffic handlers.
Texas Traffic Net, TTN
Semi-regional phone net designed to move traffic within the state and, through liaisons, to out-of-area destinations. Information net operation and operational status as well as reference materials are available.
Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System Net
Traffic net for amateur radio message traffic for the state of Washington, on a frequency of 3975 kilohertz. Includes net staff, FAQ and radiogram form.
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