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An advocacy site designed to promote activities on the this frequency in the 20-meter band. Provides links and summary information for Intercon Net, the Marine Mobile Service Net and the Pacific Seafarer's Net.
1721 HF Roundtable Group
An informal roundtable on 40-meters for all amateurs. Includes contact information and check-in times.
Gives times and history of the net which is based in Pennsylvania and New York.
20 and 15 meters DX net for amateur radio operators.
British Columbia Public Service Net
Includes history and operation of the net. Provides net control software and periodic database updates. British Columbia, Canada.
Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship
Features club and membership information, a message board, photos and Christian amateur links.
Columbia Basin Net
Operates on 3.960 KHz daily at 7:00 pm. Includes membership requirements, roster and photo album.
Information, reports and members of the Euro-Net QSO on 80m. Includes technical articles and pictures.
Friendly 7.188 Net Amateur Radio Association
An association for Caribbean amateur radio operators and nets, with news, information sharing and net working. Includes list of repeaters, nets and a map.
Georgia CW Training Net
Morse Code training net meets daily at 9:00 pm EDT (0100 hours UTC) on 3549 KHz - 3.549 MHz. Includes Q codes.
Golden Bear Amateur Radio Net
Provides membership requirements, events, roster and traffic handling information.
Interconnect Net
Operating daily on 14.300, this group's purpose is to promote goodwill between operators and handle third-party traffic between approved countries and entities.
Maritime Mobile Service Network
Founded in 1968 and operating on 14.300, the MMSN is a network of radio amateurs meeting on 14.300 to serve maritime mobiles and deployed military primarily through traffic handling.
Nightly Talk Around Net
Promoting amateur radio with in-depth information, contest and QSL frequencies, contact list, and links.
NWCC - Northwest Country Cousins
A directed net that meets each evening on or near the frequency 3970 KHz at 7:00 PM Pacific prevailing time. Includes officers, roster and links.
Ohio Single Side-Band Net
Features net details, photos, links including to member pages and forms.
The Pacific Seafarer's Net
Organized to provide support, assistance and daily tracking for cruising boats at sea, the net tracks and assists vessels on a global basis. All licensed amateurs General Class and above are welcome to take part, however in an emergency the net assists with all radio communications from any station. 14.300MHz daily at 0300UTC.
The PowWow Club
Operates on or about 3.750 Mhz LSB at midnight EST - 05:00 UTC, from the end of September to the end of April.
The Rotten Apples Group
40-meter amateur radio club; includes club information, roster, membership list, photos, and links.
South Coast Amateur Radio Service
Georgia net club on 7.251 MHz. Resources include net schedules, roster and photos, chat, and forums. The group's purpose is to assist those seeking to contact other amateur radio stations, or areas, to provide weather and travel information, and to assist in emergencies.
South West Astronomy Observers Group
A group of amateur astronomers who meet weekly on the DuPage ARC repeater to discuss their mutual interest - eMail, IRLP and EchoLink participation are permitted. Reports, event notices and the experiences of check-ins are always welcome. (DuPage, IL)
Western Country Cousins
This net meets nightly on or near 3970 KHz at 9:00 pm Pacific time. Contains officer list, membership requirements and events details.
Yahoo Groups: The Insomniac Net
Nightly net on 70 cm, the Western Intertie Network (WIN) System, The Win System IRLP Reflector 9100 and on Allstar Link Via Hub 2560.
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