Software whose primary purpose is teaching a person to understand Morse code. This software runs on a PC.
A program for learning Morse code. Runs on Linux and many brands of Unix.
Code Quick
Turns code elements into sound-alike plain English words and phrases for instant recognition. Uses Farnsworth Standard. Author will barter items in trade for the software.
Morse Code training software for IBM compatibles.
Free software to learn CW. Supports playback from file. May require midi port on system.
International Morse Code program by Phil Karras, KE3FL. This program is designed to help the beginner learn to receive and send the International Morse Code. Features: manual mode, file mode, adjustable speed and tone, random character output, ability to adjust the code speed above 19 WPM.
Just Learn Morse Code
Free windows software download for learning Morse code, as well as improving speed for current CW buffs.
Koch-method morse-tutor for Linux operating system, provides a simple GTK2 user-interface and uses alsa for sound-output.
Morse Academy
by Joe Speroni, AØHA. This site contains Morse Academy (Morse code trainer) and Ham Academy (FCC Testing trainer).
Morse Code Madness
Helps you learn Morse Code and sharpen your skills. Trainer, translator, QSO practice, and transceiver. This is an Open Source Project in Visual Basic 6.
Morse Code Teaching Machine
Information and downloads (including source code) for a Morse Code teaching program.
Morse Mania
A shareware morse code tutor for Mac OSX. This program supports both Farnsworth mode and the Koch method.
Morse Tutor
Freeware Morse training program written in c++. While it is a DOS-based, it can also run under a windows dos shell. Does not support sound cards, so internal speaker required. Source code included. Program provides character, line, file and random modes of operation at 5-20 WPM.
Freeware Mac Morse Code trainer software. Available in both English and Swedish. Source code is also downloadable.
MRX Morse Code
Shareware program designed to teach/improve morse code receive and transmit skills from 5-99 WPM. Supports Manual and Iambic morse keys and also emulates these keys using the keyboard. Add noise or "manualize" your morse receive session. CW internet chat and spectrum analyser programs are also available from this site.
Precision CW
PC-based Morse code send/receive program download and tutor.
Stormy Weather Software's "Morse Code"
DOS-based Morse Code training, practice and exam software. Designed for everyone from beginners to experts who need to brush up or increase their speed. Works with Windows 3.x, Win9x and WinXP.
Morse Code tutoring program that generates random letters, or allows you to "play" a text file as Morse Code. Includes 2 files containing 200 Morse Code QSO's which might typically be heard on the HF bands, designed to give people who are learning Morse Code some practice with real life Morse contacts.
WA6EHL: CodeP and CodeT
DOS programs to assist in learning and building speed with Morse Code. CODE-T Morse code tutor is a freeware program to study for the FCC Morse Code exam, while the shareware CODE-P will help you increase your code reading speed up to 25 WPM using a modified version of the Farnsworth method.
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