Amateur radio licensing rules and examinations.

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AA9PW FCC Exam Practice and Morse Code Practice
Practice examinations for United States FCC Amateur and Commercial Radio Exam candidates. Also offers customizable Morse Code practice.
Amateur Certification Fact Sheet - Industry Canada
Offers information on how to acquire a Canadian amateur radio license, call sign list by province, costs and application form.
Amateur Radio Exam Generator - Industry Canada
Exam question generator that produces a unique examination for either a Canadian Basic or Advanced amateur radio operator certificate, allowing self-testing on a home computer. It will also generate a worksheet. Ham Exams
Amateur radio practice exams for obtaining a license in the United States. Includes all three license classes, Technician, General and Extra.
Ham Cram
Free technician-class license cram course, for the United States Technician license. Six hour power point presentation covering every question in the FCC question pool. Easy instructions. [Requires MS Power Point]
View flash cards for all current question pools, or take practice tests for United States amateur radio licenses. The site keeps statistics on your answers to help gauge progress. [Free registration required]
Free study tools with question explanations and statistics-driven flashcards and smart exams. United States.
Metro Atlanta Exam Information
Listing of amateur radio exam sessions in metro Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
Sunnyvale VEC ARC, Inc.
FCC recognized Volunteer Examiner Coordinator organization provides exam dates, expiring callsigns and contact details. Sunnyvale, California, United States.
US Amateur Radio Exams in Italy
Information on United States FCC amateur radio examinations in Italy, 2004 to 2010.
US FCC Exams - Europe
Information on United States FCC examinations in Europe.
W8MHB Michael Burkhardt's Ham Radio Shacketeria
Amateur radio practice exams for all three classes, Technician, General, and Extra, in the United States.
Worldwide Information on Licensing for Radio Amateurs
Information on licensing requirements listed by country. Prepared by OH2MCN.

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