Home brew is an amateur radio slang term for home-built, noncommercial radio equipment often using simple designs.

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1937 Frank C. Jones Radio Handbook
Selected pages from the book
2 Meter Loop
Page contains pictures and plans for 2 Meter Loop for use on ssb.
73 de WD5GNR
Information about homebrew electronics, PC boards, microcontrollers, Basic Stamps, and other aspects of ham radio. Projects, and tips.
Many good hints and projects for the homebrewer.
80m CW Transmitter
6BM8 amateur radio rig with 8 watts output by G0UPL.
Notes, and archives about boatanchors, tube rigs, homebrewing, Heathkits and QRP.
Plans and schematics from Bill's glowbug project as well as information about receiving tubes, from the GE essential characteristics tube manual, date unknown.
AK0B Glowbug and Homebrew Radios
Pictures and article on building a QRP transmitter.
Amateur Radio Antennas
Offers a collection of antenna plans for HF and VHF bands, with assembling instructions, drawings and pictures.
Amateur Radio Construction Projects
Includes a simple CW station, and R1 - R2 DC receivers.
Amateur Radio Homebrewing
A collection of projects and resources for Ham Radio Homebrewing enthusiasts
Bartlesville Kilowatt Transmitter
Homebrew rig from 1937, built by W5GAE, Preston Gaddis of Bartlesville, OK., who is now a silent key.
Crystal Radio and Tubes
Dedicated to crystal and old battery radios, including tube sets. Includes restoration projects and plans.
Christoph Petermann with articles on making antennas and equipment.
Combination of news, views and podcasts. Main subjects featured are contesting, SDR projects, and radio related IT topics.
DL4MEA, Guenter Koellner
Homebrew projects, especially VHF/UHF. Includes high power amplifiers.
Various receivers, transceivers and converters for HF to UHF.
DSP-10 Project
2-Meter transceiver that can be built at home. Plans.
F1FLA - X-Yagis
How to build big X-Yagis for VHF
Farhan's Homebrew QRP (VU2FAX)
homebrew transceivers, experiments, DSP
FlashWebHost.com: Ham Radio
Offers a circuit diagram of a 7 MHz SSB transceiver.
Fox Delta Amateur Radio Projects and Kits
Homebrewing projects and kits such as DDS, frequency counters, LCD power meter, and sound card interfaces.
G0UPL Homebrew Radio, Electronics & Computers
Many homebrew projects for Radio, Electronics and Computers including QRP HF Radio, Z80 Computers
Small collection of circuit ideas and projects by Paul Balaam.
Glowbugs Radio by UU1CC
Glowbugs homebrew projects, rare tube data, translated articles from the old xUSSR HAM-radio handbooks and magazines.
Gyula Nagy presents homebrew and project pages for preamplifiers, RLB's and return diplexers and technical articles. Hungary.
HAM Antenna Plans and Projects
Plans, pictures, parts lists for HF, VHF, UHF antennas.
HAM Projects
Technical information for HF, remote-control and digital decoding devices, plus a CPU-based hardware project.
Harry's Homebrew
A resource for ham radio and electronics in general. Includes projects, reference documents, and kits.
Homebrew site with a hf-mobile, magnetic loop antenna and duplexer projects. Also cable datasheets are available.
HF Projects
Classic HF receivers and electronic constructional projects including a telephone exchange, spectrum analyzer, and homemade TTL computers.
Homebrew and Electronics Tutorials
Indonesian amateur offers technical information, projects, manuals and links.
Homebrew Spectrum Anlyzer Project.
This is an information page about a spectrum analyzer homebrew project based upon a TV tuner frontend. Much project related information is provided.
Antennas, keyers, amplifiers and equipment for digital modes.
A large and varied selection of projects to build. English and Japanese text.
Offers details on building an indoor stealth antenna and information on experiences with them.
K4GC's Homebrew Amateur Radio Page
Homebrew amateur radio site including tube and solid state transmitters and receivers.
K5BCQ Homebrew
For radio enthusiasts interested in building and using the 1950s-60s era HBR receivers. Repair information for Heathkit SB-104, SB-101, and HW-101 transceivers.
Offers information about homemade audio amplifiers, RF amplifiers, auxiliary ham radio equipment including antenna designs and constructions.
K8EOP 5-band SSB transmitter
Site describes the rig built by this 'silent key', and it shows pictures and a description. Thanks to Al, W8UT.
George describes his homebrew projects: a 40m CW/SSB receiver, 40m 100 watt CW/SSB/AM/RTTY transmitter, 75m AM transceiver and 600 Watt HF amplifier.
Jason shares information on design and construction of a vintage 813 beam power tube CW crystal transmitter.
Ken Lotts AA7JC
Homebrew 40 meter CW transmitter and a QRP CW transceiver.
Klunky Schematic Editor Home Page
Intended for use by radio amateurs to draw small schematics, for small projects.
LY3LP Laboratory
A blog with QRP, 20m, 6m and 2m homebrew projects completed with a SARC news feed.
Amateur Radio construction projects including QRP, homebrew and kits. Special event operating across the UK.
Magnetic Loop Antenna Plans
US Radio Amateur Frank, N4SPP, presents plans on how to build your own antenna.
Glowbug references from ARRL handbooks, schematics, projects, files and archives.
N6GN Microwave Link Page
Information about the Multi-Megabit/sec Microwave Data Link article which was first published in the December 1989 edition of Ham Radio Magazine.
Portable Lightplants and Generators
Homebrewed alternators and generators with photos and details.
Projects and Software from KØEMT
Home brew projects and free software.
Homebrewing of transceivers, receivers, transmitters and test equipment. [Italian - English]
QRP and Homebrew by DL2YEO
Information about QRP transceivers, accessories, and other home made equipment.
QRP HomeBuilder
Homebrew amateur radio receivers, transmitters, transceivers and accessories. QRP related.
Radio Daze-Tools
Tools for homebrewers, including chassis punches.
VE3XRM offers an electronic circuit library and photos of various radios in his collection.
Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page
Providing information for making amateur and commercial repeaters.
RTL2832u based Software Defined Radios
Blog covering developments of homebrew RTL-SDR radios using the Realtek RTL2832u chipset.
RTTY - FSK/AFSK Interface and Diagrams
How to remove the so called "ground loop" and the reentry in the RTTY broadcast.
Homebrew transceivers and other projects.
Offers some information and schematics including on longwave transmitters, and upconverters, QRP transmitter and PIC controlled DDS VFO. Also features pictures of non directional beacons.
A multiband Yagi for 14.28 MHz. Technical data and a detailed manual in PDF are online. User reports and a kit service are available.
TEARA's Amateur Radio Homebrewer's Page
This page is a source for info and parts, used by homebrewers of Amateur Radio equipment and accessories.
Technical Topics
Forum includes HF/VHF antenna projects, high power Russian GS35B RF amplifiers, mobile RFI solutions, and vintage radios.
The thermionic website
Devoted to electronic thermionic devices known as 'tubes' or 'valves'. Includes information on several transmitters and receivers.
Vintage Amateur "Early Wireless" Radio Stations
This site is dedicated to the construction and operation of a variety Wireless vintage Ham Radio stations circa 1910's to the early 1930's.
Vintage Radio and Electronics
A resource for valve and early transistor portable radios. Includes a section with old circuits and original articles.
Site from Alan Yates, VK2ZAY, with his personal homebrew amateur radio projects.
Norm in Wisconsin has posted photos and details of his 6V6 QRP CW rig built in a cigar box and an 80 to 10 transceiver.
Jim Garland offers a homebrew gallery, shows his vintage collection, and provides his biography and family pictures.
Pictures, schematics and descriptions of modifications for vacuum-tube receivers.
Mostly microwave projects.
Bill Patton shares content on the RockMite QRP transceiver and the Heathkit GR-81 regenerative receiver, his history in radio and some antenna projects. Pennsylvania.
Yagi-Uda antenna
Multi element beam design notes and polar plots covering the 10m, 6m, and 2m Amateur Bands, plus one design for the 406MHz to 410MHz Radio Astronomy Band.
Yahoo RFamplifiers Group
A forum for the exchange of how-to information about homebrewing RF power amplifiers for ham radio use, or for repairing and modifying boatanchor versions of same.

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