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AN/GSQ-160 detecting-transmitting set. Runs on 60 MHz and 170 MHz ranges. By Brooke Clarke.
Army Radio Sales Co.
Devoted to military radios and their hardware, other military items, and military vehicles. In addition to sales, provides photographs, articles and forum.
Bill's Ham Radio WWW Server
Maintained by Bill, NJ7P, the site contains the original Web Mil List with added information from field and training manuals and training circulars and the online tube manual, a compilation of sources, public and commercial.
Bill's Room, VE3WGX
Bill Griffith gives a brief description of his military rigs; a 19 Mk.II, and two Mk.III's.
Boatanchor Dreams
VE7DJX, Jan Skirrow. Information on the R-390 series of radios, including some edited collections of e-mail that provide a quick overview of the radio, its quirks and problems.
Brooke's Military Information
Features pages on equipment and other aspects of military operations.
Green Radios
Wammes Witkop presents documentation on military surplus radios.
MCRG - The West Coast Military Radio Collector's Group
Includes meeting information, forum and downloads.
Military Wireless Museum
Ben Nock, G4BXD, provides information and pictures of military radios from around the world.
Milradio Co.
Surplus military radio equipment and photos.
Nolan's Redneck Boatanchor Page
Dedicated to his electronic hardware including R-1051B, TV-/U and TV-7/U tube tester information.
RBZ receiver
Article with pictures on this U.S. Navy HF portable receiver.
Real Radios Have Motors
Lists some army radios with descriptions as well as modifications, information and links.
American WW2 radios in Russia, Russian radios, and homebrew rigs.
SCR-274N Radio System
As used in the Lancaster MR/MP.
Sherry's Boat Anchors
Pictures of R-390 and R391 receivers, Radio Set SCR-284-A World War Two radio equipment as well as photos of some antique broadcast radios.
The Wireless Set No. 19
Dedicated to furthering the interests of those who collect, restore and/or operate vintage military radio equipment. Any person, licenced amateur radio operator or not, is invited to join the group. Includes history, photos and member services area.
Wireless Set No.19
Picture and write-up about the venerable 19 set. By Rick Griffith.
The Wireless-Set-No19 Group
Yahoo-based group dedicated to the exchange of information and opinions about the Wireless Set No. 19 and all other radios, as well as line and other forms of comms equipment, used by the Allied forces.
Yahoo Groups - armyradios
A discussion group for those who collect military radios.
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