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Bleu Royale Rattery
Sign the guestbook, have a look at the resident rats, and see available/future litter prospects. Located in Sacramento, CA.
Blue Skies Rattery
Small rattery located in Selma, CA. Specializing in blues, minks, and blacks in dumbo and top-eared. Also rex and standard fur. Occasional litters available.
The Breakfast Bunch Rattery
Breeding high quality Dwarf Rats, High Whites, Dumbos, and sometimes Hairless. Color and coats vary; pedigrees included. Located in Renton, Washington.
Colorado Mountain Meadow's Rattery
Adoptions, babies, odds and ends. Located in Aurora, CO.
Curiosity Rats
Breeding for temperament and type, specializing in marked and Siamese standards. Located in West Virginia.
Curly Whiskers Rattery
Breeding hairless dumbo and standard, Siamese and Blue in Dumbo, Standard and Rex. Located in Boise, Idaho.
The Daisy Chain Rattery
Breeding healthy happy rats. Located in Pullman, WA.
Darling Road Rodentry
See current litters, adoption policies, or see if you have a rat this rattery would like to buy for their breeding program. Located in Maine.
Fuzzy Misfits Rattery
Formerly known as Cindy's Rattery. Breeding dumbos, rexes and top eared rats in various colours and markings. Located in San Diego, Ca.
Great Pets Rattery and Rescue
Breeder of dumbo, hairless dumbo, hooded and hairless standards, with photographs and adoption details. Located in New York state.
Jenni's Mischief
Breeding a variety of colors and coat types. Includes pedigree information and photographs. Located in Brunswick, Ohio.
Meralee Rattery
Although no longer actively breeding, the site still contains good information. Located in St David, Southeast Arizona.
Phoenix Gate Rattery
Breeding mink, Siamese, selfs, hairless, dumbo, rex, miniatures and merles. Located in Statesboro, GA.
Pixie's World
Breeder and Rescue in Normal, Illinois, USA.
RaffinHouse Rattery
Breeding for health and temperament, specializing in blues, mink, agouti and black eyed white. Located in Fremont, Ohio.
Rat Dippity Rattery
Specializing in healthy, friendly, pet rats that are wonderful human companion animals, in various colors, coat types, ear types and patterns/markings.
Rattenburg Rattery
Small rattery in central Pennsylvania focusing on breeding tame and healthy Siamese, Himalayan and other color varieties in rats.
Rattie Rascals Rattery
Includes research for genetics and ownership has been placed on this rattery's homepage. Located in Port Orchard, Washington.
RiverRats Rattery
RMCA member, breeding rexes and dumbos in fawn, pearl, blue. Located in NW Ohio, USA.
Silver Fuzz Rattery
Breeding standard, dumbo and rex rats with various colors and markings. Located in Dorr, Michigan.
Sweet Genes Rodentry
Breeds for quality in type and sweet in temperament. Located in Naperville, IL.
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