Sites about keeping turtles and tortoises as pets.

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3 Reeves turtles In a Condo
Pictures and stories of reeves turtles indoors in Sapporo,Japan.
A resource on the care of pet turtles. Also has information on wild turtle species, including sea turtles.
The American Box Turtle
A website providing information on the captive care, breeding and conservation of North American Box Turtles (Genus Terrapene)
Austin's Turtle Page
Turtle site covering general information and care, medical, housing, and also has a forum, photo gallery, and links.
Basil the Red Foot Tortoise
Basil's home on the Internet. Nutrition, feeding, housing and photos of Geochelone carbonaria with links to turtle and tortoise related web sites.
Bill's Eastern Box Turtles
See the differences between male and female eastern box turtles. Box turtle photos. NJ eastern box turtle laws. See a box turtle pen plan.
Box Turtle Care and Conservation
Natural history and complete captive care of North American box turtles (Terrapene).
Box Turtles
Includes a turtle's biography, many turtle links and pictures.
Practical Care and Breeding Of Turtles and Tortoises In Captivity.
Diamondback Terrapins
Husbandry and ecology of this wonderful turtle.
All about the European pond turtle, Emys orbicularis.
FelixCam - Live Turtle Webcam
A live turtle webcam set upon Felix the turtle.
Happy Turtle
About aquatic turtles, with special interest in Red-Eared Slider. Advice and information about caring, feeding, habitat, filtration, and lighting, and also has a forum for questions.
Janice's Turtle Ponds
Information on backyard ponds, water and box turtles, links to turtle and tortoise information. Information about The Northeastern Illinois Turtle and Tortoise Rescue and Rehabilitation programs.
Mike's Redfoot Tortoise Pages
Notes on caring for a pair of Redfoot Tortoises.
Morris the turtle
A photo gallery of Morris the snapping turtle's home.
My Hermann Tortoises
Designed to help with the general health of your tortoise; offers a forum to ask questions and care sheets.
Robyn's Pond Turtle Page
Information collected on habitat setup for pond turtles.
Russian Tortoise
Provides information about Russian toirtoises (Testudo horsfieldi) and how to care for them. Includes a care sheet, breeding tips, and a forum for tortoise owners.
Turtle Links
A large selection of turtle related website links.
The Turtle Puddle
Information about turtles and their captive care, with sections on health issues and for kids.
Turtle Stories, Real and Imagined
Kid-friendly site with fictional stories, pictures and factual information about turtles.
Turtle Times
Pet turtle site with photos, chat, marketplace, and links.
Valerie Haecky's Turtle Information Pages
Various information on captive husbandry, breeding, diet and supplementation. Includes a care sheet on ducks.

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