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General frog and toad information including species caresheets, pet care information, and environmental issues. Also fun activities, pictures, and clip art.
African Clawed Frogs
Care, feeding, and breeding Xenopus Laevis. Includes some information on the African Dwarf Clawed frog.
Dar's Frogs By Design
Free wallpaper, photos, puzzles, games, videos, java fun applets, Royce B. McClure artwork, animation, young frog artists.
Dart Den
Poison dart frog resource and forums.
Dart Frog
Photos and information on caring for and breeding.
The Frog
Features games, art work, photos, information, and forums.
Frog Daze
Frog care, frog art gallery, frog stories.
Frog Garden
Basic care and feeding with photos.
Frog Racing
Frog Racing. A free web based cgi game where you bet on frogs (just for fun) and hope they win the race.
Frog World
Information a variety of frogs including species care sheets, photos, and videos.
Games, jokes, links, chat, message board, and a live cam.
Frogs of Australia
A guide with descriptions, distributions, breeding calls, identification key, and a glossary.
Michele's Frog Page
Offers a collection of jokes, riddles, sayings, postcards, stickers, stamps, photos, and drawings.
Poison Dart Frogs
Care and feeding, message board, and photos.
Qld Frog Society Website
Provides information on attracting, breeding, life cycle, tricks for setting up a pond, and care and feeding of pet frogs.
Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs
Information, facts, habits of frogs in general.
Stupid Frog Jokes
Warning, some jokes may be harmful to froggies.
Tricia's Frog Care
Basic care information for several commonly kept species of frogs.
The Victorian Frog Group
Aims to provide for the needs of all those interested in Australian frogs and to facilitate education and conservation. News, event details, and articles are presented.
White's Tree Frog
Information on selecting, feeding, and caring for a Whites Tree Frog. Free articles on what to feed a whites tree frog, how to select and build a comfortable habitat, and raising crickets.

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