Information about arthropods as pets. Arthropods include spiders, scorpions, insects, millipedes, centipedes, and crustaceans, such as hermit crabs.

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Related categories 5 Exotic Pets: African Giant Millipedes
A guide for the care of millipedes for novice breeders and new hobbyists. Exotic Pets: Emperor Scorpions
Guide to care of these arthropods including their housing and feeding.
Tarantula, scorpion and centipede info. Classifieds, caresheets, dealer reviews, forums, galleries and chat.
Bug Pets
Caresheets for stick insects, praying mantids, cockroaches, tarantulas, crickets, rearing caterpillars and scorpions and information on fireflies.
The Care of Woodlice
An introduction to keeping woodlice for study and as pets. Includes some simple experiments that can be done and a key to the species found in Britain.
Centipede Care
Includes information on keeping centipedes as pets, their housing types, housing requirements, foods and feeding.
Emperor Scorpion
Jon Fouskaris provides information on how to keep them successfully including housing, temperature, humidity, feeding and maintenance.
Giant Spiders
Care information, articles and image gallery for tarantulas and other spiders.
Gordon's Millipede Care Sheet
An introduction to the care, feeding and breeding of millipedes.
Invertebrates Make Great Pets
Offers care sheets about keeping insects and arthropods and information about clubs and societies for insects, arachnids and for other arthropods.
Land Invertebrate Care
Guide to keeping scorpions, tarantulas, millipedes, spiders, tailless whipscorpions, centipedes and hermit crabs. Includes information on the pet, housing types, requirements and feeding.
Invertebrates in captivity: caresheets, resources, and a discussion forum for arachnids, beetles, stick and leaf insects, and other insects.
Right Pet: Scorpions
See if scorpions are the right pet for you and which species would suit you best by reading owner reviews, tips and stories.
Scorpion Care Sheet
An introduction to keeping and caring for pet scorpions.
Spacechickins Tarantula and Bug Caresheets
Factsheet on the care of these spiders and other invertebrates. Includes videos on handling tarantulas.
Spiders Calgary
Arachnid information site of Stanley and Marguerite Schultz, authors of The Tarantula Keepers Guide. History, index, addenda and errata and peripheral information for both editions of their book.

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