Dog handlers and trainers in the police forces and the military often have their own associations for sharing experiences and ideas.

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Australian Army Trackers and War Dogs Association
Membership is open to former and current Combat Team members.
California Narcotic Canine Association
Members can access a case law hotline and details are given of training events and seminars.
Canine Accelerant Detection Association
This forum is for trainers and handlers of accelerant (arson) detecting dogs.
Connecticut Police Work Dog Association
Training articles are provided, as well as certification standards and an honour roll.
Eastern States Working Dog Association
Information and membership is available to anyone associated with law enforcement and public safety.
Kansas Police Dog Association
Membership details are given with sponsorship information and a picture gallery.
Missouri Police Canine Association
Providing assistance with ongoing education and certification.
National Narcotics Dog Detector Association
Seminar information is accompanied by case reports and news items about related search and detection activities.
National Police Bloodhound Association
Seminars and merchandise are offered, and members can submit an official Bloodhound Search Report.
North American Police Work Dog Association
Officers in the US and other countries provide workshop details, an Honor Roll and an Information Letter.
Oregon Police Canine Association
Unit photographs are featured, along with a newsletter and list of current events.
Pacific Northwest Police Detection Dog Association
Member states and provinces include Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.
Royal Dutch Police Dog Association
The history is given and an application form can be downloaded.
UK Law Enforcement Agencies Dog Systems
Technical advice is provided, as well as details of seminars and international competitions.
United States Police Canine Association Region 3
Members in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia and the District of Columbia are offered certification, evaluations and seminars.
United States War Dogs Association
News stories are published, there are photograph galleries and a chat room, and e-mails can be sent to units serving abroad.
Virginia Police Work Dog Association
Members are offered workshops in Narcotic, Explosive and Accelerant Detection.
Washington State Police Canine Association
Members can access a message board and a list of events.
Western States Police Canine Association
Competition details and a newsletter are provided for members in California, Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.
Working Dog Foundation
Details of the annual Iron Dog Challenge are given, plus information on various public education programmes.
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