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Dogs can be trained at many levels, from teaching them how to behave as puppies through to the specialised learning programs conducted by the police or military.

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All Pro K-9 Training
A listing of professional trainers and schools throughout the United States, searchable by state.
Beginning Obedience Training
This non-forceful approach has general applications, although it is written about terriers.
Dobbs Training Libraries
Free articles for handlers and trainers of hounds, working dogs, stock dogs, Schutzhund and gun dogs.
Dog Behaviour Advice
Free articles on many aspects of obedience and agility training, problem solving, socialisation and training equipment.
Dog Owner's Guide
Topics include manners, behaviour, house training, aggression and specific training problems.
Dog Training Articles
A professional trainer provides articles on all types and applications.
Dog Training by Bob Maida
Dog-puppy training and dog behavior problems at home in New York City, Westchester NY, Northern NJ. Features details on experience, testimonials, FAQs about puppy training, and programs for dogs.
Dog Training Guide
Advice and instructions cover house training, commands, leash work, behaviour and tricks.
Dog Tricks, Tips & Insights
Advice on training, grooming, and flea control.
Dr. P's Dog Training
A university-sponsored library of articles on behaviour, training and dog psychology.
The Harmony Programme
This alternative to "dominance reduction programmes" is described in detail.
Mountain View Dog Training
Offering advice and explanations on a number of issues relating to behavior, agility, puppy-raising and competitions.
My Dogs Rule
Topics include choosing a dog, and information on basic and advanced training.
North West K9
An archive contains free articles on service and police work as well as behaviour.
Features training articles, course information, and photos. Also provides training classes for owners and dogs or puppies in Coventry, United Kingdom.
Puppy Training Solutions
Includes information on house training, crate training, housebreaking older dogs, dog behavior, and puppy care.
Raising your Dog
The Monks of New Skete explain their approach.
Tarheel Canine Training
Free articles cover drive, control, protection, and obedience.

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